Genesis Ritchot - She Could've Been Mine

February 22, 2022

There's something you need to know about indie music. It's a universe that seems endless and sometimes daunting. We live in an age where thousands of tracks are uploaded to Spotify every day, and the variety and amount of music easily accessible have never been greater. It sometimes seems unmanageable, so vast is the universe. So often it's left to the choice of bloggers, who work hard to select only the best of the best for you. So you don't need to hit the millions of tracks available, we do it for you. And we are happy to do so. And if you're reading this, we want to warmly thank you for your trust over the years.

And sometimes, we realize that the universe of indie music is also infinitely small. It's a bit like a big village, where you often meet the same people at the butcher's shop or the bakery. And people talk to each other. Make connections. And end up coming back together when showing their work.

In September 2021, we featured Noah Gundersen. An artist of which some of our IMC Family artists are fans (Thomas LaVine, for example). The simple fact that Thomas loves Noah's work is a connection. A small connection, but a connection nonetheless. And Thomas has a brother who also makes wonderful music. Well, thanks to our song of the day, I found out that Noah has a sister, Abby. And a very talented sister. Do you see what I mean? Yes, that makes additional common ground for Noah Gundersen and Thomas LaVine.

And Abby Gundersen happily accepted Genesis Ritchot's invitation to sing on his new single "She Could've Been Mine", released last Saturday. Watch out, it's not over. A few days ago, Genesis posted the incredible story of this meeting on Instagram, and he mentioned in his post his friend Vintz Desert... who was also featured on IMC last year! Now you understand: everything is linked in this community. These are just connections that, from the smallest to the largest, lead to the creation of other connections and make it possible to create little jewels like "She Could've Been Mine". As Coldplay said, "if you never try, you never know". So if Genesis hadn't dared to ask Abby to bring that extra elegance to the song, this release might have been a bit different.

So here is Genesis Ritchot, on IMC for the third time, after "Why Can't You Dive In" and "Kitchen Sink". For two years now he has been delighting our readers and listeners with his indie-folk universe. When he submitted this new single to us, the artist (who went through 'The Voice' in Quebec), was almost hesitant. Because the song is quite different from what he has been able to offer us so far. But from the first listen, we closed our eyes. And the magic of Genesis did the rest. The emotion is still very present, as much in his impressive falsetto as in his precise and smart writing. He had just omitted to tell us that he wasn't alone, and hearing Abby's voice in the background was a pleasant surprise.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned it in the past (yes, I'm getting old and I often forget about things sometimes), but Genesis is what I like to call a watchmaker. It's a word we use a lot in the world of music blogging, when making recommendations. You might find this qualifier quite strange, but it is totally appropriate. It points to those artists, like Genesis, who demonstrate incredible precision. Every element of the song's production, whether it's the very discreet organ that we hear in the second verse, the marvelous piano which gives incredible relief to the song, or the violin present on the second chorus and which gradually occupies more and more space... everything is placed intelligently. And the vocal harmonies are of rare precision too. Some will be satisfied to say that it's all about artistic choices. I don't completely agree. If you are making toy soldiers, the result will be different if you paint them green or yellow. In music, it's the same: every decision you make will make the final result look different. And everything must be dosed precisely. What Genesis can do.

The folk roots of Genesis are a little less obvious on this track, it's true, but they're still there. The song marks a turning point in the singer's career. A musical turning point, but not only. It's also the first single to be released with Believe Canada, a label that fell in love with Genesis Ritchot. It could not be otherwise.

The Canadian artist has therefore begun a new chapter in his fantastic book. This collaboration adds to the long list of masterpieces already present on his Spotify. And we're counting on you to add it to your playlists!

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