The IMC Family program

February 01, 2021

Welcome to the heart and soul of Indie Music Center – the IMC Family! Think of it as our VIP club, but instead of velvet ropes, we've got imaginary headphone cords. Our family program is designed to nurture and celebrate the talented artists who have become an integral part of our journey, and we promise there's no secret handshake required (unless your secret handshake involves air guitar).

What is the IMC Family?

The IMC Family is an exclusive and supportive community of artists who have been featured more than 5 times on Indie Music Center. We cherish these artists and their incredible music, and we're thrilled to offer them a unique space to connect, collaborate, and grow together. In other words, you're basically joining a super cool, music-loving club without the secret hideout (although, we do have a virtual one on Instagram).

Why Join the IMC Family?

A Network of Peers: As an artist and a member of the IMC Family, you'll gain access to a private Instagram group chat where you can connect with fellow artists. It's like a musical roundtable discussion but without the knights or the need to joust. Here, you can exchange promotion tips, share experiences, and offer guidance to one another. It's where real magic happens – the magic of camaraderie.

Collaboration Opportunities: Collaboration is at the heart of creativity. Within the IMC Family, you'll have the chance to collaborate with like-minded artists. Think of it as a songwriting round-robin. You can share demos, co-write songs, or even create incredible music together. You're not just making music; you're making musical connections.

Regular Zoom Calls: We organize regular Zoom calls exclusively for IMC Family artists. These calls are an opportunity to connect face-to-face, share experiences, discuss music industry trends, and strengthen the bonds within our community. We might even call it our "digital jam session." Get ready for some fun virtual encounters.

Exclusive Insights: Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive insights and trends in the music industry. Our community shares valuable knowledge and resources to help you navigate the ever-evolving music landscape. It's like having a backstage pass to the music industry (without the questionable tour bus snacks).

Recognition and Support: You've been featured multiple times on IMC because we believe in your talent. As a member of the IMC Family, you'll continue to receive our support and promotion. We're invested in your success! It's like having your own personal cheering section at every gig.

How to Join the IMC Family:

Becoming a part of the IMC Family is automatic and seamless. Once you've been featured more than 5 times on IMC, you're already a cherished member of our family. There's no need to reach out – you're in! Consider it your musical rite of passage.

Let's Grow Together:

At Indie Music Center, we're not just about reviews and features – we're about building a thriving community of passionate artists. Join the IMC Family today and be a part of a supportive, creative, and inspiring network of musicians. Your journey in the world of music is unique, and we're here to celebrate it with you. Let's make music, share experiences, and thrive together in the IMC Family! Think of it as joining the band, but with a whole lot less gear to carry.

Who are the members of the "IMC Family" today?

Name / Link to the IMC profile Featured
The Satellite Station 22 times
Luna Keller 21 times
Thomas LaVine 15 times
Dom Malin 10 times
Carley Varley 8 times
Genesis Ritchot 8 times
Kahone Concept 8 times
Allison Leah 7 times
Taylor T 7 times
Ben Greenberg 7 times
Sarpa Salpa 7 times
Carnival Kid 7 times
Dominic Romano 7 times
Jenny Kern 6 times
Luke Beling 6 times
The Bergamot 5 times
Jacqueline Loor 5 times
Lisa Heller 5 times
Matu 5 times
Hazlett 5 times
Daniel Trakell
5 times
Sven Ross
5 times
Specific Coast 5 times

Who is about to join the Family?

These artists are no longer very far from joining them. They will join the family from their 5th feature.

Name / Link to the IMC profile Already featured Missing
Belle Mt.
4 times 1 feature
Elijah Mann
4 times 1 feature
Marco Palos 4 times 1 feature
Rod Coote
4 times 1 feature
Hugo Valentine 4 times 1 feature
Dessie Magee 4 times 1 feature
Etaoin 4 times 1 feature
Tommy Ashby
4 times 1 feature
4 times 1 feature