I'm Nicolas Pirson, from France. People are used to calling me Nick or Niko.

I'm not really comfortable with the "Team" word, because, to me, it doesn't really make sense. To be honest, every single artist that is featured on this blog is a part of the team. So we would need more than 1,3K pages to introduce the whole team. I wouldn't be there without all of them and I'm so grateful for this incredible journey.

Well, I created IMC in 2017, after promoting indie music since 2001.

I have always believed in the power of music and the power of a community. Bringing the two together was, therefore, logical and vital for me.

I wanted musicians to have a place to share their music, and connect with other amazing musicians.

I wanted music lovers to be able to find powerful songs that make them vibrate the first time they listen and give them goosebumps.

You can read the incredible story here.