New Spotify Playlists!

Our new Spotify Playlists are now available! Please help us to make them grow by following them :)

They will now follow your mood. The arrangement of articles on our "Blog" section will be the same, but please be patient. We have more than 1100 items to move :) For the most recent reviews, it's done!

Indie Music Center.jpg (675 KB) Artist Pick Playlist (1).jpg (642 KB) IMC Certified Artists Playlist 4 (2).jpg (279 KB) Connect with Nature Playlist.jpg (841 KB) Feeling Lost Playlist.jpg (863 KB) Spotify - Good Morning.jpg (787 KB) Happy Days Playlist.jpg (473 KB) Let love in Playlist.jpg (737 KB) Road Trip Soundtrack Playlist.jpg (578 KB) Sad Songs Playlist.jpg (434 KB) Sunday Chill Playlist.jpg (926 KB) Uplifting Vibes Playlist (1).jpg (722 KB) Without You Playlist.jpg (1.53 MB)