Well, we're a small team of Indie Music fans from all around the world. 

We all come from different universes. Most of us are students. Some are writers, web designers. Some of us used to work for radio stations, newspapers, TV channels, and blogs.

We wanted to create something unique. A kind of portal, where you could find all the indie music at the same place.

So that's why you'll find in the menu, some of our favourite Indie Music Youtube Channels, Spotify Playlists Curators, Radio Stations.

Of course, our main activity is to write reviews for our own blog section. We also do the mixing & mastering for some of our favourite artists. Write courses to help them to grow. Help them to manage their social media. Create some videos to promote their music. Well. A lot of stuff, to be honest!

But how did it all start?

Back to 2005

We were students. And we wanted to create, inside the campus, an 24/7 online webradio to promote indie music (and, of course, bands from the campus). We used to play awesome Indie bands from this era, like Franz Ferdinand, The Cooks, and some others. It was called "Pop'N'rocK Radio". It lasted for 12 years, which is huge for an online radio station! It brought us thousands of contacts from Artists, Bands, Labels, Blogs, and it was a fantastic adventure. We met Alex and Beth, from AlexRainbirdMusic and it was cool to feature them in special radio programs, dedicated to their YouTube channel. As it was fun to meet them for real too! We also hired awesome writers, from all around the world (UK, Brazil, Netherlands, United States, France, Australia, Slovakia). It really brought us a lot of good things... But not only. It also allowed our creator to meet in 2011 the most faithful listener, who became his GF.


Webradios are kinda dead, and this concept is not as powerful as it has been in the past. People are now listening to music through Spotify. So we gave it up and started a blog, called "Music For Your Heart". With this blog, we tried to select, in all the genres, for you, the best songs that you won't forget within 10 minutes. Our point of view is quite simple : a song is not made to make people getting on their nerves if they listen to it every 2 hours. Far from the high rotations of FM radios that pollute all the countries, and that kills the creativity of artists, we wanted to show that the world of music is now very big (thanks to the Internet, that's true), and that in reality, the medias confine us to less than 1% of what exists. And what exists elsewhere is much better than what we are flabbergasted every 2 hours on the radio waves. This blog brought us even more contact in the show-business world especially with famous Record Labels.


After receiving nearly 8000 songs for the blog, we had all the time to made several observations. Notably the fact that some artists don't even have a Facebook page. Others don't have a website. Others send unfinished tracks to blogs, Youtube Channels or Spotify Playlists curators (no mastering, or rough mixing).

We just told ourselves, after a meeting: "Obviously! They are musicians. Not sound engineers. And not websites creators either."

We've all been working in the music industry for 20 years now. We owned more than 30 radio stations. We had musicians recorded in the studio, mixed and mastered tons of albums. We have created lots of websites since we have owned several blogs and webradios. We know how to position a brand on the Internet and strengthen its digital presence. So we can be useful to these artists, and much more than writing reviews to promote them.


On February 15, 2020, the Indie Music Center blog reached, to our great surprise, the number 1 position in the world in terms of quality, among more than 1,100 outlets. A real consecration that we owe to the more than 1000 artists who have entrusted us with their promotion for 3 years.

That's why, in April 2020, we launched our business, only dedicated to indie musicians from all around the world. It's a unique concept combining a digital communication agency specialized in musicians and a studio, all at affordable prices, because as we all know, a musician is not a millionaire. We're also thinking about launching a radio station again, to help musicians more and more to make their music being heard. A new adventure begins!