Jacqueline Loor - Show Them (Album)

October 02, 2021

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We live in an age that is almost entirely digital, and in which our attention is drawn from all sides on social networks. We got used to consuming content, content, and more content, and faster and faster. It has therefore become difficult to attract the attention of Internet users for more than 3 minutes to a piece of content. This is why most artists today limit themselves to releasing singles or EPs, but rarely albums.

And yet, the album is a format that is still appreciated by connoisseurs and true music fans. A bit like us. And a bit like you, if you are reading this article, it's probably because you don't come within the norm, and you obviously want to spend more than 3 minutes on content.

An album is often seen as a collection of songs. And this format is used nowadays as a kind of best of. This is the strategy used by The Satellite Station, who compiles 11 or 12 singles in an album, taking care to slip in one or more unreleased tracks. And that's what Jacqueline Loor, another member of the IMC Family, chose to do.

From my purely personal point of view, an album tells a story above all. The artist's story. Like a journey in their career, through their personal and sometimes professional experiences (as musicians).

Jacqueline Loor's debut album is exactly like that, like a book that you walk through while devouring each chapter with desire and passion. Like a roller coaster, because life is made of highs and lows (as her good friend from Tenerife, Luna Keller, would sing), "Show Them" is the result of many years of hard work, and you can hear it! The album has a theme, a bit like a common thread: toxic relationships. From the darkest times to the moment when you finally find the light, all the songs may speak to you.

From the magnificent "I Broke My Heart", which allowed us to discover her in February 2021 (yes, she is the first artist to join the IMC Family in just six months), to the bright and airy "I Can Fly", the album sums up the last two (or more) years of Jacqueline Loor. As a woman, as a twin sister, as a mom, as a lover, and as a musician. So many responsibilities on the shoulders of such a small woman, who reveals, track after track, her most intimate weaknesses and her most personal feelings.

"Show Them" (the album), allowed me to rediscover tracks of Jacqueline Loor released before we meet her and before we realize how amazing this artist is. So I took great pleasure in shaking my head on the leaping "Find Your Way", shed a tear on the moving "Don't You Pretend", and I reached the stratosphere with the very spatial "Just a Memory "and" Just Let Me Breathe " (with Will Evans).

Of course, we find in this album all the wonderful jewels that we have already presented to you on IMC over the course of this year, such as "Carry Through" the delicious duet with her friend Maria, aka Sunflower Summit (who has also become a regular at IMC). The very cinematic "I'm Done With You" is present too, as is the bomb "Burn It Down", which literally blew us away.

Then there are good surprises: the unreleased tracks. "I'll Take It" managed to get me up from my chair to dance, and reminded me, as much by its incredible production as by the vocals, of the early 2000s when I was jiggling to Kylie Minogue's hits. What a wonderful song, with a great catchy chorus that reminds me of the little Australian girl's "Love At First Sight".

Let's not forget "Show Them" (the song), which starts off as an indie-folk ballad, but becomes a real pop gem that will make you sing along and very loud to the point of waking up your neighbors. Here's the lyric video for this fabulous track:

But if you really want to piss your neighbors off, turn up the volume while you listen to the Semblance Remix of "Coming Undone", which will also have you dancing with its catchy melody and powerful bass.

If you are not superstitious, you will appreciate this logical sequence of 13 little gems, the production of which is perfectly crafted down to the smallest detail, exploring different musical universes where Jackie has fun and shows the full extent of her talent and her absolute control. Her recent live streams on Instagram will prove to you that there are no tricks. His acoustic version of "I Can Fly" is a beautiful vocal demonstration where high notes are reached without difficulty.

I have only one small regret about this album, which she also dedicates to her twin sister to whom she is very close: the magnificent "Nunca Te Olvidaré" is missing (but it's easy to understand why, it doesn't suit the album's main writing theme about toxic relationships). All in Spanish, which is a beautiful wink at her Latin roots, and above all, it's a moving tribute to her grandfather, unfortunately no longer in this world, but who must be very proud of little Jackie, from above. The little bit of a woman originally from Florida and now installed on a confetti off the coast of Morocco (Tenerife, Canary Islands), has set out to conquer the whole world with elegant, moving, and powerful songs. She sang "I Can Fly", and she's proving it with this incredible album.

We added "Show Them" (the song) to our "Fresh Indie" Spotify playlist (and also the IMC Family playlist), make sure you follow this playlist below to discover incredible new music every day.

Written by Niko.


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