Jacqueline Loor & Sunflower Summit - Carry Through

March 26, 2021

Remember. On February 16, you were first introduced to Tenerife-based Jacqueline Loor (just like Luna Keller) with her single "I Broke My Heart".

Today, she is releasing a brand new track, "Carry Through", a wonderful song on which also appears Maria Requena, better known as "Sunflower Summit", based out of Chicago, Illinois.

An international duo, therefore, for this new production, which opens with some very delicate piano notes.

Whether it's the American side or the Spanish side, the voices are wonderful, and when the harmonies begin to unite them, the result is just stunning.

The melody is delicious: we are quickly like on a cloud. Jacqueline Loor's magical universe has always seduced us, but here she hit the nail on the head.

Gabrielle Aplin and Sara Bareilles have inspired our two artists of Latin origin. When I was talking about international production, it couldn't be better: "Carry Through" was recorded in Tenerife, Spain, and Chicago, Illinois. Then mixed by Will Evans in Austin, Texas, and the trip ended at Panorama Mixing & Mastering, who did the mastering ... in Australia!

A song that has therefore already toured the Earth before landing in your ears. All of this while retaining what makes us love Jacqueline Loor, whom we friendly nicknamed "Jackie": her authenticity and her fragility.

To survive the difficult times we all know, surrounding ourselves with family and friends is essential, even if it is from a distance. The song is an uplifting cry of hope: even in the deepest solitude, you have to keep going. Because we are never really alone.

This magical collaboration will bring you to sunnier and warmer horizons. And while Spring has just set in, it's pretty timely.

Thank you Jackie for your sincerity in your music.

Included in our "Indie Pop" Spotify playlist.

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