Sunflower Summit - Metronome Heart

April 30, 2021

We introduced Sunflower Summit to you on March 26th on the occasion of its collaboration with our friend Jacqueline Loor on the magnificent "Carry Through".

A month later, Maria, aka Sunflower Summit, is back to give us "Metronome Heart" with Lace & Grit. A song dominated by this omnipresent rhythm throughout the track, like a metronome.

Always with tremendous poetry and breathtaking vocal mastery, Sunflower Summit amazes and surprises with its ease. Whether it is the vocals, the production, or the melody, everything will please you in this new release.

Because the quality is there, and at an exceptionally good level (otherwise, it wouldn't have landed on IMC). But I think I'm getting obsessed with this singer. She is so talented that I wouldn't mind telling you about her every day. In any case, she is an artist that you absolutely must watch closely this year, because she could surprise you again.

Added to our Spotify Playlist and played daily on Indie Music Center's Radio.

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