Sleep Walking Animals - Dance Laura Dance

May 21, 2021

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Sleep Walking Animals, from Manchester, had already mesmerized us with their two previous singles.

They are back today with "Dance Laura Dance", an uplifting song with a more rock side than the previous releases, which had more folk roots.

And the least we can say is that Sleep Walking Animals do everything. And they're good at everything, no matter what genre of music, they master everything. This new single is heady: you won't be able to get it out of your head after the first listen. And it has an addictive side, you're going to feel compelled to listen to it over and over again because when it stops, there's a huge void.

SWA know how to occupy space and minds. Once you have heard their music for the first time, you cannot forget them. And when we saw that a new single was going to be released, we couldn't help but jump on it because we didn't want you to miss it. Because you would have missed once again ... a masterpiece.

Yes, SWA are the kings of masterpieces. Their level of quality is exceptional, they take care of every detail, whether in the writing, in the vocal harmonies, and also in the production of the music videos. Besides, the music video for this song will be released in a week (you can find it in our "Music Videos" section. And having already seen a preview, we can tell you that it is heavy!

Sleep Walking Animals is the meeting of several skills. Tom Glynn-Carney (Lead Vocals), Joe Etherington (Acoustic Guitar), Jack Brett (Bass Guitar), Alex Harford (Electric Guitar), and Nuwan Hugh Perera (Percussion) are made for making music together. And we think there's such a chemistry between all of these guys, that if you take just one out, the band would crumble like a castle of cards. Each of them has an important role. There is no such thing as a charismatic leader and they are all equal in the role they play in the band.

"Dance Laura Dance" will give you the light you lacked before summer: "The scars are fading every day, you climb a little higher yourself".

Bright, joyful, energetic, the track is an invitation to let go and to forget everything that we have just been through. As if we were starting from scratch. Like a rebirth. Thanks, guys.

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