Sleep Walking Animals - Wild Folk

March 30, 2021

Hello fantastic readers. Do you remember Valentine's Day? We remember it perfectly. Because it's the day we introduced you to Sleep Walking Animals, this incredible band from Manchester.

Their first single "Aengus' Fool" surprised us with its professionalism, while it was only their debut single.

A month and a half later, they are back with "Wild Folk". As the name suggests, it's a much more folk song ("Aengus' Fool" was a clever mix of folk and rock).

Good news! The talent and the creativity are still there.

And above all, the magic operates, once again, with disconcerting ease. This is the full potential of the band: to take us into an incredibly well-crafted musical universe, down to the smallest detail, and to make us feel an indescribable feeling, somewhere between magic and fascination.

Just a voice, and a guitar, until the wonderful ascension. The last-minute of the song will let you enjoy strong goosebumps (I won't go into too much detail about this part because I really want you to have the total surprise).

Definitely, Sleep Walking Animals is a band that will have to be watched very closely this year. Two singles, two jewels.

Included in our "Indie Folk" Spotify playlist.

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Sleep Walking Animals' point of view

We were all living in London at the time of writing Wild Folk, going to open mic nights, and playing what original songs we had. Our sound hadn't really formed back then, they were basically Arctic Monkeys sounding songs, but with double bass and kick drum and not nearly as good! Then Joe played this guitar riff one day, which was Folky and mesmerizing and allowed us to layer all our voices over in a kind of rising cacophony. Tom had this poem, I think the first poem he showed us, and it was beautiful. Loads of imagery about death and the sea, vast landscapes, and nature. Combining these elements was a breakthrough moment for us. Simple, raw instrumentation with complex melodies and Imagery - rousing and romantic and bone moving! Is that even a saying? Well, it is now.

Jack Brett

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More about Sleep Walking Animals

An emerging folk/rock band from Manchester. Currently performing as unsigned artists, they are based in London & Manchester and are breaking out on the music scene. With their unique harmonious sound, atmospheric tones, poetic lyrics, and foot stamping anthems, this folk/rock band is one to watch. The band is comprised of 5 members; Tom Glynn-Carney (Lead Vocals) Joe Etherington (Acoustic Guitar) Jack Brett (Bass Guitar) Alex Harford (Electric Guitar) Nuwan Hugh Perera (Percussion) Highly anticipated new releases are coming soon and live performances are planned for later this year. Dates TBC.


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