Indie Music Center's Radio

September 22, 2020

You're not dreaming. We also have a radio station. It was born in September 2020 and has since won over 22K+ listeners.

And it plays 24/7, all the wonderful songs we share on the blog, and even more!

Listen Live:

Current Song:

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How to listen?

You can stream the radio while you're reading our reviews, thanks to the player bar at the bottom of all the pages!

The radio starts to play automatically when you come to IMC but you can stop it whenever you want by clicking on the play button.

You can also listen to the radio station with your own player: follow this link!

An alternative player is also available on our website here.

What kind of music do you play?

You can listen to a 30sec extract for each song, so you can get an idea of what kind of music we play on the "Recently played" section, and it also allows you to buy some of them on Apple Music. This is how you can support our artists :)

Why is it different?

Indie Music Center's Radio is playing a total of 1200 songs actually, while traditional radio stations are happy with 200 tracks (and 30 of them are played every 2 hours). No matter how you feel, we'll always have a song for you! We have one of the biggest playlists, with wonderful music for you to discover.

We also work with a main playlist of 30 songs, but which is repeated only every 3 to 4 hours. These are the 30 most recent tracks (you will find them below on our Spotify playlist). And we add 10-20 new songs every week! So it's not repetitive. Also, our secondary playlist of over 1000 songs allows us to offer you a unique program and these songs will only be heard once or twice a week.

Can I participate?

Yes! We'd love to involve you! So don't hesitate to vote for your favorite tracks when they're on air (just put a heart on it on the player bar), so you can hear them more often! So you will influence the Listeners Top 10.

I'm an artist/band, can I send you a song?

We can't take submissions at the moment, as we're overwhelmed, but we'll get the submission form soon.

What are the latest additions?

We gathered the most recent added tracks on the "Indie Music" Spotify playlist! Don't hesitate to follow this playlist, as it's updated daily!