Sleep Walking Animals - Aengus' Fool

February 14, 2021

The intro of "Aengus' Fool" is rather surprising since it is acapella. A fairly rare practice in music today, but very enjoyable, however! This song is the debut single from Sleep Walking Animals. This is important information, but very surprising at the same time.

We have the impression that this band has been functioning perfectly for years. Everyone is in their place, everything is worked out down to the smallest detail, and the result is more than professional. As if they were releasing their twentieth album.

The percussions are incredibly powerful and original, the vocals are divine, the vocal harmonies are fantastically done, and the melody changes from part to part of the song. The structure of the track, disconcerting at first listen, gives the impression that time flies very quickly.

Hardly do we have time to get used to all these elements which are not usual for the ear, then the song is already over. Performed with all modern techniques, the song seems straight out of another era. Maybe centuries ago.

And that is all the magic of "Aengus' Fool". In short, it comes out today and I believe in it a lot. There is potential here that will only speak to ears that are curious to hear something different and innovative. Open yourself :)

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Sleep Walking Animals' point of view

"Aengus’ Fool came to me during the early stages of a brewing intrigue. The sensation of losing control and emotionally being at the mercy of the puppeteer caused a state of vulnerability that fascinated me. To deny the feeling, in order to preserve and protect is a challenging wall to bring down.

It was during a phase where I was obsessively listening to Billy Joel and Norah Jones, constantly reading Seamus Heaney and reams and reams of Mythical Irish Tales. Passages from the Aeneid, folk tales of Gods and Nymphs of the Tuatha Dé Danann. The importance of love, treated as an ethereal treasure to be fought for and won, was an aspect of desire that sparked the idea for ‘Aengus’ Fool’.

I wanted the epic nature of the stories I read to be reflected in an anthem of naked honesty and hope. I sent the lyrics to the band, we played around with ideas, and eventually, the song was born."

Tom Glynn-Carney, lead Singer

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More about Sleep Walking Animals

An emerging folk/rock band from Manchester.

Currently performing as unsigned artists, they are based in London & Manchester and are breaking out on the music scene.

With their unique harmonious sound, atmospheric tones, poetic lyrics, and foot stamping anthems, this folk/rock band is one to watch.

The band is comprised of 5 members;

Tom Glynn-Carney (Lead Vocals)

Joe Etherington (Acoustic Guitar)

Jack Brett (Bass Guitar)

Alex Harford (Electric Guitar)

Nuwan Hugh Perera (Percussion)

Highly anticipated new releases are coming soon and live performances are planned for later this year. Dates TBC.


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