Simon Alexander - Slide

28 avril 2018

"Slide ", is a track for which we clicked on the "approve" button" in just a few seconds. When we heard the incredible voice of Simon Alexander, we did not hesitate. Then the piano comes to wrap us in a very pleasant cocoon, as the vocal harmonies and the rhythm give the track its full dimension. The writing is very neat, the melody too. We enjoy every second. From 2:18, we have the impression to listen to Coldplay, because the production is powerful in emotions. From Sweden, Simon Alexander says he is influenced by legends like Jeff Buckley and Neil Young as well as talented recent songwriters like Hozier and Matt Corby. As he succeeded to create his own universe, Simon delivers in "Slide" an interesting touch of emotion, which of course, can only delight us. Available on Spotify and Youtube, and included in our "Indie Folk" playlist on Spotify.