Simon Alexander - lemon trees

February 17, 2023

He was one of the first artists who settled on IMC in April 2018. Swedish singer-songwriter Simon Alexander continues to surprise us 5 years later and he has just released his new single "lemon trees" which is part of a 3-track EP also out today: "Telefunken by Night Vol I".

The song opens with an acoustic guitar and a fairly fast rhythm before Simon's warm voice adds its magic and sings us a super catchy melody.

As Simon says, the song "is about someone who's having trouble letting go of things, and instead of learning how to cope with it wallows in their own misery. the song acts as a reminder that you always have people around you that want to help, but only if you let them".

A very relatable song, as we all make choices that influence our journey, day in and day out. Accepting help is never easy, but very liberating! A little gem nestled in the center of the EP, well wedged between the slow "sing" and the catchy "feast on my heart" which will bewitch you with its whistles.

In our eyes, Simon Alexander is to Swedish independent music what the Eiffel Tower is to Paris: an unmissable element that speaks to everyone.

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