Joe Pope - Virginia Highland Road

July 19, 2021

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The name “Joe Pope” might ring a bell since he recently joined our Indie Music Center team as a writer… But did you know he’s also a fantastic artist? It’s about time you get to hear some of his beautiful music, starting with his most recent release: the “Virginia Highland Road” EP. It’s a collection of four songs and every single one of them is worth a listen.

The Atlanta-based songwriter has a very unique sound defined by beautiful ringing guitars, authentic lyrics, and a clean arrangement that combines conventional elements to create something new and different. He draws inspiration from his life and tells his stories through very visual imagery. In a way, his songs feel like moments bottled up in a melody. When listening to the title track of the new EP you feel like you’re sitting in the car with him, almost home, as he sings about the woman he loves. Beautiful harmonies blend with a dreamy piano, Joes' signature guitar sound and strings carrying this lovely declaration straight to the listener's heart.

I must confess though, that my favourite track on the EP is “Skipping Stones”. There’s something nostalgic and yet hopeful about that song that really moves me. It’s sparked by a childhood memory that contemplates how our perception of the world changes over time. Would we do things differently if we knew then what we know now? Once again Joe finds that balance between the personal and relatable taking us on a journey through thoughts and memories.

Joe’s songs feel like a haven that allows you to find yourself between the lines while getting pulled into the beautiful scenery. He sings of love and hope and ends the EP with a call for unity in “Hurricane”: “Under the skin we're all the same, and the power of love is more than hate”. Joe Pope is truly becoming a beacon of light in the indie music scene bringing together artists, supporting them writing on the blog and on his playlists. He’s a man filled with passion for music and it shines through everything he does. And this EP really shows that, it’s a great collection of songs created by a wonderful artist. 

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Written by Luna.



Just passed the sign 

Virginia-Highland Road 

3000 Miles and only 3 more to go 

You ask me if I love you 

Girl you’ve got to know 

I made a promise hon that’s all I wrote 

Almost home 

I’ll be there in just a mile or two 

Almost home 

It ain’t that hard to see that I was made for you 

(Almost Home) 

We’ve had it tough 

Yeah we’ve had it good 

We’ve made a little money 

Done the best we could 

It doesn’t matter if we lose it all 

Whatever lies ahead I’ll catch if you fall 

Almost home 

I’ll be there in just a mile or two 

Almost home 

It ain’t that hard to see that I was made for you 

You’re the only one I want to talk to 

You're the only one I really need 

I feel you everywhere I ever go to 

You’ll always be a part of me 

I can make you laugh 

You can make me dance 

I’ll take you far away if I get half a chance 

As long as you’re beside me 

I’ll be mighty fine 

And even when you’re not - you know you’re on my mind 

Almost home 

Almost home 

Almost home to you


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