Hi! I'm Joe Pope from Atlanta, Georgia where I live with my wife Cynthia, two dogs (Trouble & Murphy) and a cat (Aubie) who all live in peace and harmony.

Among other things, I'm an American independent singer-songwriter / producer, playlister, and blogger. My debut album "Ebb Tide" is an accumulation of works that span my life of songwriting.

Over the past year, I've released several new singles. My latest include "Morning Rain", "Hurricane", "Barricade" (Featuring Luna Keller), "Skipping Stones", and “Virginia Highland Road” (July 2nd, 2021) released as an EP. These new releases represent a new direction for me in the Indie Folk / Americana genres.

I joined IMC in June 2021 as a writer and will take part in the "Artist Pick" column alongside Luna and why not newcomers in the future.