Zander Rhodes - The Only Way I Know

August 01, 2021

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This is the third time that the Australian Zander Rhodes has come to see us, accompanied by his dream landscapes, turquoise water, and sandy beaches.

And always with this recognizable sound, very acoustic, and with a lot of lightness. "The Only Way I Know" was released on Friday, and has already mesmerized us.

With good vibes right from the intro, the track is your perfect companion for a relaxing Sunday watching the waves crash onto the beach. With a very effective hook on the chorus and positive waves, Zander Rhodes seduces with a unique vocal identity. As soon as you hear that voice, you know it's Zander.

Living in the simplest way, enjoying every moment ... we all need to get away from it all a bit and make room for more lightness in this world which is becoming a bit of rubbish.

Thank you sir for this fabulous trip.

Added to our "Fresh Indie" playlist, our "Uplifting Vibes" playlist, and played daily on Indie Music Center's Radio.

Written by Niko.


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