The Trusted - Criminals

November 27, 2020

Let's go to Southend-On-Sea, a city we particularly like, on the music side. Well, we are not here to replace the local newspaper, but here is some news from this pretty seaside resort located at the mouth of the Thames in the east of England. Let's start with a sad news, we learned on September 24 of the separation of the band called The Collier, already come to see us several times, and from the same city. Whatever the reasons for their decision, we wish them good luck for the future. Let's get back to our main topic of the day, and this is huge news: a new single for The Trusted! Their latest single, "The Innocent", did pretty well, even here! It's one of the most read articles on Indie Music Center this summer (by the way, it's never too late, you can always listen to this bomb, which we always have the chorus in mind). But it looks like this particular year has still brought some positives to The Trusted. Time to write, in particular. As Tom, the singer, told us, he took on the challenge of writing one song a day. And here is the band with a huge stock of sixty songs, enough to ensure a fantastic return on stage as soon as possible. I have heard thousands of songs, and bands. But I have always had a special affection for The Trusted. There is in them the spark that many bands lack: authenticity, and above all: emotions! Tom's voice gives the band a huge advantage: a unique vocal signature and identity. When you hear this voice, you can immediately say with certainty: "Oh, this is The Trusted!". And that, in the world of music, is priceless. "Criminals" is an astonishing track, because it conveys incredible emotions, from the first seconds. There is something fantastic about these twenty seconds of intro. They set the atmosphere and set the scene. And the song is reminiscent of other bands that we particularly love, like The Killers (wonderfully recently covered by Cattle & Cane, by the way). An emotion that grows as the song develops, and this is what the song is all about. Emotion. As the band announces, it's probably their "most emotive song todate". And they are right. They have taken a step. One more step towards excellence and mastery. The last part of the song will convince you that from now on, you will have to rely on The Trusted in the landscape of indie music.

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The Trusted's point of view :

“The most emotional song we’ve ever written”, the song is a combination of bittersweet emotions and feelings. In the process of creating the track the band found themselves stripping the song back to its bones, allowing space to experiment with new electronic textures and sounds. The song is about "loss, heartbreak, guilt and self-absorption” continuing, “It’s a sad and honest track, but at the same, it’s kind of beautifully uplifting.”

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Lyrics :

You let me steal your wasted time
Pulled out the splinters to stop you crying
Pop music or organized crime?
I’m hooked on you, why can’t it all be mine? (ooh)
Deconstruct the dice and then pay the lover’s price
I want to take off soon, sweetheart
So you look at me, like i’m your criminal
We’re a complicated miracle
I’m your criminal
Loneliness and hollow sounds
I broke your laws and then you left town
My inner-visions turn me around
I’ve been driving my pain into the ground
So you look at me, like I’m your criminal
We’re a complicated miracle
Im the baby in free-fall
Could you ever love a criminal?
A criminal, a criminal like me
like me...
Without you, I’m broken
Without you, i’m lost
Will you hold my criminal bones?
I need you to love me
Will you still love me?

Biography :

Arriving into adulthood is a bitter-sweet experience.Abandoned childhood fascinations make way for tough life lessons, sometimes too tough.These are central themes in The Trusted’s growing catalogue. Although The Trusted only formed in mid-2016, their relationship dates back to their early days at school. First to develop a bond over music were guitarist Dale and lead singer Tom, forming a writing partnership that shared a common appreciation of a strong melody, which is evident throughout the atmospheric, edgy pop they create. It wasn’t long before the duo was joined by Fin on bass and Dave on drums. The band shared an enthusiasm for 21st century Brit-rock lead by the likes of Catfish and the Bottlemen and The 1975, as well as classic late ‘70s new-wave icons such as The Clash and Elvis Costello.That fusion of punk energy and post-punk storytelling along with an ear for a seriously commercial hook made an indelible yet subtle watermark on The Trusted’s musical output. Possessing an irresistible charm, an undeniable wit,and an infectious personality shining through their adventurous brand of youthful punked-up indie rock,The Trusted are both a refreshing tonic, and a barrage of fireworks rolled into one. Seamlessly switching from mellow, artfully constructed melodic thoughtfulness into wild, explosive moments of raucous brilliance, there’s a surprise around every corner within The Trusted’s music and songwriting,all executed with an undeniable measure of passion and grit.


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