The Trusted - Terrible Fight

January 06, 2023

There are artists and bands that, at IMC, are almost part of the furniture. Even if we haven't seen them for a while, it's always nice to see them again. The Trusted is one of those pieces of furniture that you will never dare to replace because they are of rare and priceless quality.

I say it quite often in my articles, but you know, indie music has this particularity of being able to touch you closely. To support you in the difficult trials of life. At the end of November, I had to take a few days of forced rest, bedridden by intense vertigo and powerful tinnitus in my left ear.

On November 30 around 11 a.m., the diagnosis was made: I am suffering from an orphan disease (which cannot be treated), and I will have to learn to live with it and fight it. And music is a part of my cure, as having music in my ear helps to hide the tinnitus. So I went back to music submissions.

And the same day, around 2 p.m., I discovered “Terrible Fight” in my submission queue. This was the first song that showed up after I return. And of course, the title immediately caught my attention. Like a sign of fate telling me "Niko, you just came home, sat at your desk, and I know you're not feeling good: here's a song for you."

I must admit that at first sight, I was a little scared when I saw this title. Perhaps afraid that this would aggravate my sadness and my helplessness in the face of the concrete wall that had just collapsed on me a few hours earlier. But I trust these guys. After all, they're called The Trusted. And trust me, I trusted The Trusted already, in the past, and they never disappointed me. So I listened carefully.

And rather than overwhelming me, the song gave me the energy boost I needed. From the first line: "Did you come here to hurt me?". And even more when I read the pitch.

About the song, lead singer Tom Cunningham said: "Terrible Fight is a song about being metaphorically beaten up. Part of growing up, is realizing that 'life' is basically an emotional/ psychological boxing ring. Whether it's heartbreak, politics, or loss, it kind of feels like we are all being hit from all sides. I wanted it to be a song about being knocked over by all these heavy punches as well as our ability to just keep moving forward.

If that's not a sign from the universe, then I don't understand anything anymore. As usual, with The Trusted, the quality is there: a super detailed production. No hesitation and no flaws in this stunning vocal performance. And above all, a beautiful cohesion between the members of the band which gives their sound a unique identity. There's also in "Terrible Fight" an overflowing but perfectly controlled energy, as the minutes go by.

Oh sure, I know I already played with their names a few words ago, but you can really trust The Trusted. Over the years, they're just getting better and better. They started music in 2016. They're still here in 2023. That's a good sign: these guys could be the soundtrack of your whole life. More than 1500 monthly listeners on Spotify were not mistaken. It's just the beginning for this amazing band, I know they'll get more and more fans over time. And I know I can trust you to be the next one. Okay, I'll stop now with my ridiculous puns.

If you too are going to have to fight something in the next few days, "Terrible Fight" will be your fuel, to listen to on repeat.

Picture by Jordan White

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