Our readers Top 5 of July 2020

August 03, 2020

Here are the most read reviews on the Indie Music Center blog in July 2020, according to the number of view of each article.

Congrats to Sea Girls for being a part of the Top 5 for the second time in a row!

Read the reviews and stream the full songs below!

N°5 > Limón Limón - Frozen Lemonade

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3rd feature for the LA-based duo Limón Limón.

After making us dance in April with "Routine", they're back with a new single, with a quite refreshing title, made for summer : "Frozen Lemonade".

What we've always loved with Limón Limón is their ability to create melodies which will run in your head for hours...

And this new single is no exception to the rule.

But Jason and Rand added something new to their colorful universe, thanks to the amazing music video : poetry.

As an immersion in our wildest dreams, the music video show sharks and rays flying in the sky, a snowboard man in a frying pan...

Every single second of this music video was created with attention, as everything is very well made, and sometimes, we can ask ourselves "is this real?"

You'll probably have the same question in your mind, when the song is over, as it's very addictive : "was this song real?".

Riding between dreams and reality, this new single reaches a high level that Limón Limón had not yet shown so far.

This is one of our biggest summer crushes.

A gem to find in our "Indie Pop Anthems" Spotify playlist.

Quite a rare situation, when we feature 2 tracks of the artist/band in the same playlist :)


N°4 > The Trusted - The Innocent

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It seems like Southend-on-Sea is a great hometown for indie rock music.

As we already found here another amazing band, The Collier.

Second time on the IMC for The Trusted, after "Wild Love" in November, which got +100K streams!

Starting from the intro, we already know that we would feature this amazing track, just released this Friday.

Then, the amazing voice of the main singer finishes convincing us.

When the catchy chorus comes, we're glad that The Trusted came back to us, and we can call them a "sure value" in the indie music world.

This band succeeds, once again, to create a powerful and catchy melody.

Because when the second chorus comes, you start to sing along.

Great production, as usual with The Trusted. A perfect name for this band.

You can really trust them, at each release. And this one is not an exception.

The final part, with crazy and punchy drums, leaves us with a desire to listen again. And again.

A new gem to find in our "Indie Rock Killers" Spotify and Soundcloud playlist.


N°3 > Shred Kelly - Looking For

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We never found an Indie Rock band like this one before.

They have the particularity to have several vocalists, so it allows them to create songs with different universes.

Some songs are sung with a female voice, like this one, some others by a male voice.

Whatever, what we love about Shred Kelly is their powerful and catchy melodies.

They have an incredible energy.

We had a listen to their whole album, and we can tell that quality is here!

But this song has something special.

A very catchy chorus, coming in only 30 seconds.

We just left our chair, got up, and started to dance.

And with "Long Way from Your Heart", this is the only song in the album which had this effect on us.

We're not telling that the other songs are not great.

They're all great in this album, mixing catchy and upbeat rhythms with melancholic and softer tracks (as the wonderful "You Almost Meant the World to Me").

You should also have a listen to "The Hill", which will seduce you thanks to its catchy melody, and perfect vocal harmonies.

Well, even though this band is active since 2009, it's the first time we hear from them.

And God knows how we feel lucky that they came to us.

Because, for sure, it won't be the last time!

This incredible song is included in our "Indie Rock Killers" Spotify and Soundcloud playlist.


N°2 > Morgalily - Peppermint Gold

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If you're a faithful reader, you probably already know that, at Indie Music Center, we like UFOs.

We love artists who can't be put in boxes.

And Morgalily is one of them. When we first heard "Peppermint Gold", there was a pause.

As if time had stopped.

After all the hustle and bustle of the past few weeks, this calm enchanted us.

While we are used to distributing songs in our 3 main categories (indie pop, indie rock, and indie folk), "Peppermint Gold" is a unique jewel, and is a perfect fit for our "Sunday Chill" section.

With sweet vocals, a perfectly mastered voice, and a soft acoustic atmosphere, Morgalily succeeded in creating her own universe.

There is something mystical about this song.

A little spark of light that makes it quickly addictive.

And we hit the "play" button again and again. 

Because that's the only thing we could blame her for: it's too short.

A gem to find in our "Sunday Chill" Spotify playlist.


N°1 > Sea Girls - All I Want To Hear You Say

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Third time this year for Sea Girls!

As we still have the previous single in mind, "Do You Really Wanna Know?", released last month, they're coming back with a new catchy tune.

A perfect soundtrack for summer!

Henry, Rory, Oli and Andrew are back to make the charts explode, once again!

With an amazing production, and a very catchy chorus coming in only 30 seconds with a voice reminding of The Strokes, the track has all the power to be a playlist killer on some UK's radio stations...

And why not a worldwide audience?

At least, this song has all the potential. As much as the band.

As the song is based on emotional highs and lows, the music video perfectly suits the concept, as the band will take you to a rollercoaster ride.

Sea Girls accelerated their cruising speed by releasing several close singles, and are ready to drop their debut album "Open Up Your Head" for August 14th.

And we can't wait to hear it!

Another jewel to find in our "Indie Pop Anthems" Spotify playlist.


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