Sarpa Salpa - Forwards Backwards

May 15, 2020

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Like an electroshock, Sarpa Salpa's new single is a bomb.

From the intro, you are immersed in a festive and explosive atmosphere.

When the chorus comes, it will probably happen to you the same as us: you will leave your chair or sofa, get up, and start dancing.

Catchy melody, incredible speech flow, and high production quality, Sarpa Salpa has definitely entered in its new era.

For its third visit to Indie Music Center, the band offers an even higher quality service, thanks to Meg's arrival at the keys and backing vocals.

First track recorded by the band as a 5-piece, "Forwards Backwards" is an explosive cocktail which will lead you to press the "replay" button more than once.

An impressive result, and we can't wait to hear back of Sarpa Salpa, for a fourth passage!

You'll find this gem in our May 2020 Spotify playlist, and also in the "Indie Pop Anthems" playlist.


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