Sarpa Salpa - She Never Lies

January 20, 2023

Can we be a little cheesy and say that we missed Sarpa Salpa? Too late, it is said.

If you hibernated from 2019 to 2022 (or just never came to IMC before), you might have missed this incredible band from Northampton, England. It's never too late to make introductions, so here are Marcus Marooth (vocals and guitar), George Neath (guitar and synth), Meg Amirghiasvand (bass and synth) and Charlie Doe (drums). Over the years, the band has continued to grow, catching the eye of the BBC and even crossing the Atlantic Ocean to play at the prestigious SXSW festival. Like all artists who manage to seduce us 5 times, they joined the IMC Family in 2022. And this new single is their 7th IMC feature. Sarpa Salpa is the only band to be part of IMC's coveted circle of 100% quality artists and we are always super happy to have them on board!

It's also quite surprising because, during the holidays, I wondered which artists it would be great to start the year with to fill up with positive energy. And the name Sarpa Salpa immediately crossed my mind. Wish granted. From the first day I reopened submissions, they were there, in the queue. Just seeing their name made me think "ah, this is going to be a hell of a good start to 2023!".

Impatient to click play, I started listening and as usual, from the first seconds of a Sarpa Salpa track, we have a super catchy melody and we shake our heads. The energy we've been waiting for is already there. We really missed Marcus' voice, which is now so familiar. What a voice! It's really a strong point of the band, and without this unique vocal identity, the magic might still be there, but it would be fundamentally different. Of course, the band is not limited to the incredible energy of its singer, the synergy of the other members and the power of the melody, which captures our attention every second, has a lot to do with it.

With a super catchy chorus, a melody worked down to the smallest detail, and a production that gives each instrument a chance, "She Never Lies" is on its way to becoming one of the band's most cult tracks. Yes, I said cult.

And yet, although often performed live, the song has been sleeping in their idea closet for a very long time, as the band explains:

"She Never Lies was one of the first songs we wrote together as a band! We wrote it a long time ago back when we still rehearsed at Marcus (vocals) parents house! It's become somewhat of a live fan favorite and it felt like the perfect time to revisit it in a studio setting".

It is true that the stage is the ideal place to test new songs. And if the reception of the public is good, it must be followed up, like a studio version. The progress of the project is therefore just as perfect as its result.

Sarpa Salpa is the caviar of indie music. Each release is better than the previous one. They are unstoppable. And that suits us very well because we couldn't live without them.

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