Raynes - Come My Way

April 07, 2020

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3rd visit to Indie Music Center for our friends from Raynes, and for sure, it won't be the last!

After "Lemon Drop" in October and "Second Thought" in November, our atypical trio is back.

Atypical because it's a Transatlantic band, made of two Americans and a Brit. Original.

But the originality doesn't stop there.

What always strikes at Raynes are their addictive melodies.

And as two previous singles, "Come My Way" is not an exception.

From the start, you can understand that it will be huge.

With a very catchy chorus, "Come My Way" sounds like an anthem, and the song has the power to be played in festivals or even in stadiums.

We can already imagine the crowd jumping during the choruses.

A very communicative good feeling that earned Raynes the title of favorite with us.


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