Raynes - Lemon Drop

04 octobre 2019

Time to celebrate our 500th featured song on Indie Music Center!!!

And... Warning! Enjoyable musical sensation in sight! This incredible song was dropped by Raynes, a transatlantic trio made of 2 Americans and a Brit.

So you can guess by their different locations, from the beginning, that they are really motivated!

A very bright song, with some summerish vibes, which will make your day.

A perfect singing, amazing vocal harmonies and choirs, for incredible lyrics on a catchy melody.

We couldn't ask for more. We can't stop listening.

It's even really hard to believe that's it's their first single!

This is our song of the Month for October!

Be careful : this song is very addictive!

And this is the perfect indie-pop soundtrack (with a piece of folk, that's true) for your Friday evening!