Noah Solt - Let's Make A Fire

January 06, 2022

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As you may know, we took a digital hiatus at the end of 2021, and now we're back with some amazing songs to offer you.

And one of our first trips of the year takes us to Boston. Oh, do you hear those few piano notes? I don't know about you, but every time I say "Boston" I immediately hear Augustana's song in my head. And I'm already starting to sing "You don't know me, and you don't even care". Yes, time goes by, and if you have the impression that this song is from yesterday, it is because ... like me, you are getting old. Because this song is now 17 years old. Here is how to start the year by taking a slap.

And from one slap to the next, there are only a few lines, because here is a new one: Noah Solt and his debut single "Let's Make a Fire". Yes, you read "debut single" correctly and you are not dreaming. Of course, at IMC we love when artists come back to us frequently. But we also love it when it's newcomers who manage to amaze us with creations all the more incredible than the next. And Noah Solt takes up the challenge of a perfectly successful debut single.

Noah Solt

Noah Solt's folk-rock debut release is now available.

Although seeming a bit outdated, the "fade in" technique on the intro matches perfectly with the atmosphere of the song. We expect an indie-folk ballad to be sung by the fireside, and we end up with a folk-rock bomb that sends goosebumps all over our bodies. Surprising and full of color, "Let's Make a Fire" benefits from very detailed writing and beautiful vocal harmonies, both in the chorus and the second verse.

A few discrete production elements for a normal ear but divinely beautiful for a listening ear lurk in the chorus (like those wonderful echoing backing vocals). The combination of instruments used in this debut single makes it a rare find, enjoyable from the first to the last second. At the first listening, I had the impression of a successful marriage between bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, organ, percussion, and Noah's incredible voice.

It is true that his warm voice instills a climate of confidence from the start of the track and invites us to a relaxing break.

"Being at sea for months provided me with some much-needed perspective. I came to realize that life is a collaboration"

The song has been written while sailing across the southern Atlantic Ocean and you can imagine yourself very well on this boat, just by closing your eyes. I do not know if you have already done navigation at sea, but I can assure you that the lyrics allow us to project ourselves into this horizon line that we can see but about which we do not know anything. We just savor the moment and are alone on an almost endless body of water. We know very well that the horizon line may hide the best and the worst, but we must continue to enjoy the present. Loneliness is precisely the subject of this song, as Noah said: "while crossing the Atlantic Ocean. I was very far from the people that I love and I was feeling the distance. People are the spice of life in my opinion, and this song is a celebration of that".

On the one hand, loneliness is a dreaded feeling in today's society. But we must not forget that loneliness is also our best friend, and calls for creativity. I understood it well over the past month, by deliberately staying away from social networks that steal our time.

“Music brings me so much joy, and sharing that energy is my strongest motivation"

In "Let's Make a Fire", Noah winks at loneliness while celebrating a reunion essential to his life balance. And the structure of the song is just as unusual as this strange mixture of feelings. No bridge before an explosive final chorus. No, the final chorus is followed by a wonderful outro where the voices mix in an improbable dance, a bit like shadows on the waves, like a reference to one of the opening lines of the song "sparks in the darkness and shadows that move". References to abstract elements (shadows for example) are numerous in the song and are like a treasure hunt that you will enjoy playing. I had only one regret concerning this release, its duration. When the song stopped, after making me dream for 3:10, I said to myself "oh no, is it already over?"

If you enjoyed this song, you will love the live version below:

Credits: Lead Vocals / Acoustic Guitar - Noah Solt Vocals / Keys - Oscar Compo Lead Guitar - Theo Bence Bass - Cody Von Lehmden Drums - Vitor Oliveira Filmed / Edited - Nate Sodders Lighting Engineer - Tyler Hudson Sound Engineers - Cody Von Lehmden, Oscar Compo


Written with love by Niko. "Let's Make a Fire" has been added to our "Fresh Indie" playlist on Spotify and will start to play on the radio.


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