Ned Moss - Meant For Me

January 03, 2020

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Coming from North London, Ned Moss fell into music when he was little.

Indeed, he was only 4 years-old when he started playing violin.

It was at the age of 13 that he discovered guitar and made it his favorite instrument. And he did well! 

Because it is all in acoustics that 'Meant For Me' starts.

A voice placed delicately on his guitar, Ned Moss imposes himself easily and takes us into his folk universe without any difficulties.

The melody is very well developed, and the text is punchy.

It's only his 4th single but it feels like he's been doing it all his life!

Just before the bridge, he offers us beautiful vocalizations in the treble, proof that he is at-ease vocally in all tones.

Now, Mr Moss, we would like an album!