Friday Releases Jan 29, 2021

January 29, 2021

Unknown Chapters - Frozen Bones

Like a journey away from Earth to be able to look at ourselves from above, the song reminds us that we can benefit from all possible technology, our emotions will always control the world. An incredibly surprising track, alternating rather calm verses, and powerful and percussive refrains. All on a stunning melody.

The production quality is enormous, here, and one can only remember "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons. Lorenzo, Andrei, Cléo, Tudor, and Łukasz have succeeded in creating here a masterpiece that speaks to us with kindness. What are we fighting against? That's a good question. And after everything that has shaken the world lately, the question needs to be asked. After all, the result will always be the same: guided by our emotions.

Whatever our position, from the ordinary citizen to the slightly crazy President, our emotions will always guide our choices and our decisions, we just have to be aware of it. If the end of the world came, it would not be because of weapons, or because of pandemics, but because of our emotions. "We all need love", that's true.

If we have to let our emotions speak, then let's do it: we loved this song so much that we can not stop listening to it. The band also released a wonderful lyric video for this banger, you can watch it below.

Included in our "Indie Rock" playlist, and played daily on the Indie Music Radio.

Unknown Chapters' point of view :

This song talks about conflict. Whilst the world of “Age of Dying Radio” is set in a time when relocation from Earth to Mars is possible, a question still lingers for those living under a dominant and indifferent system: "What are we even fighting for?". This song may not provide such an answer, but it underlines that despite the evolution of technology, we are still subject to our emotions, and that is the essence of what makes us humans, “We all need love”.

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More about Unknown Chapters :

Balancing the ambition to deliver meaningful Rock music embodying the social context they grew up in while maintaining a Pop sensibility in their songwriting, Unknown Chapters sets the soundtrack to an imaginary future script. As you travel through their world, the rolling of drums sets the pace while dark-balladry pianos, shimmery guitars, and honeyed vocals accompany you to the final destination: Mars. After performing at festivals such as Camden Rocks and Rock at The Castle, and releasing their first two singles "Losing My Mind" and "Alligator", recorded with promising young producer David Flahou and mixed & mastered by Grammy-nominated engineer Jonas Westling (Lady Gaga, etc.),  the Alternative Pop-Rock band devoted itself to the writing of their debut EP "Age of Dying Radio" with the addition of mixing engineer Marek Deml (Sam Smith, etc.).


John Muirhead - Traveller

After "Frozen Bones" by Unknown Chapters, we thought that John Muirhead's new single would be a perfect match. In fact, here too, we are talking about travel and repressed emotions. Our actions all have consequences on our life paths. And where do our actions mostly come from? Emotions.

We could almost say that John, our favorite artist from Toronto, is part of our furniture. Because he was already there 3 years ago, and we have already presented his work to you twice. He is one of those rare artists who, despite the fact that they continue to evolve and grow, have not forgotten us. And as we always say, seeing the positive development of our artists warms our hearts.

For "Traveller", the story of the song is quite original (read below), and very inspiring. We wouldn't have thought that reading a book could end up with a wonderful song like "Traveller". John still masters his writing, and it has even improved. His perfectly controlled voice doesn't overdo it: just enough to seduce us and take us into his world of stories and adventures.

A quick look at his Spotify (link below), and you will be hallucinating. The amount of musical jewels is unbelievable.

Featured in the "Indie Folk" playlist, and played several times a day on the Indie Music Radio.

John Muirhead's point of view :

Traveller is a song I wrote at a time where I felt stuck (don’t we all these days…). I was thinking a lot about my own path in life, the burdens and responsibilities I carry along said path, and how much or how little my actions impacted my destination. I was worried that I was destined to be the way I was forever - lost. Around the same time, I was reading a book called The Alchemist, which touches on a lot of the same themes. I was deeply inspired by the book, finishing it in only a couple of nights. I wrote the song right after I finished the book, and the main character, Santiago, got a mention in the lyrics. The song was produced by Taylor Lucas. Together we created the song with the goal of creating something that felt classic - inspired by the likes of Harvest era Neil Young, The Band, and Bob Dylan. I think we did a pretty good job of that. I hope this song makes you feel good and inspires you if you’re feeling stuck.

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More about John :

John Muirhead is a wandering troubadour, a campfire storyteller, and a big-hearted folk-rocker. From fingerpicked folk confessionals to upbeat singalongs, John’s award-winning songs have touched audiences across Canada and beyond. Since the release of his debut EP Yesterday’s Smile, John has earned a Canadian Folk Music Award nomination (Young Performer of the Year, 2017), a Forest City London Music Award nomination (Folk/Roots Artist of the Year, 2020), and has graced the stages of Winnipeg Folk Festival, Sawdust City Music Festival, Home County Folk Festival, and more. He has since released two follow-up EPs, Foundational and Head Stays Down. On festival stages or in living rooms, in theatres or moving trains, John’s unforgettable performance has solidified him as a must-see Canadiana performer.


Ned Moss - Show Me The Way

Who would have thought that bossa vibes could seduce us? Well, to be honest, I would have never guessed.

But I must admit that Ned Moss' voice has always brought incredible emotional vibes to me. Directly to my heart. So I think that he could try as many genres of music as he wants, his voice will always be so bewitching and will always take over... I won't go so far as to say that this new single marks a turning point in Ned Moss' career because I'm not sure all his next releases will contain bossa, but anyway it's a great move. And a wonderful test!

And the hook on the chorus is just huge, and all the words of this sentence are perfectly synchronized to the rhythm  "I need a little rhythm for my soul, I need a melody to take control over my life, and show me the way". So it will be very easy for you to sing along. Our London based artist definitely masters words and poetry to give life to wonderful songs, perfectly produced (as usual!). And above all, songs that really worth to be shared with everyone. For us, it's done, so you now know what you need to do!

Included in our "Indie Pop" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Ned Moss point of view :

"Show Me The Way" kicks off the new year with a contemplative, soulful, and catchy atmosphere. Building and layering rich textures as the song goes on, Ned Moss talks to the listening, asking them if they feel the same way, lost, in need of something to change and help them find their way. The chorus 'I need a little rhythm for my soul, I need a melody to take control over my life and show me the way' relates life to the song, feeling they are currently a song without melody, rhythm, or rhyme, stuck in a free fall.

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More about Ned :

Ned Moss is a young guitarist and singer-songwriter from London. He studied and the Purcell School of Music for 7 Years and is now pursuing a career to become an established artist taking influence from some of the great artists such as John Mayer, Nick Drake, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix.


The Magic Epic - Sally

Jewels of such beauty have rarely been shared. Both visually and musically, "Sally" is a success. Just before the 2 minutes mark, the song, until then a magnificent piano-vocal performance, becomes a huge indie-rock track with incredible romantic energy.

The vocal performance is absolutely brilliant here and reminds me of some great bands from the 90s and 2000s. The emotional power that emanates from this song is indescribable, we feel like a wave of heat invades us and we immediately feel better. And the little bonus is the music video, beautifully performed, all in delicacy and beauty.

Our English artist managed to seduce us with this work of art. Everything is good here: the lyrics are divinely well written, the melody is very catchy, and the production has been done very carefully. And the human side is wonderful: a lot of people can relate to this song. We can all be Sally. And we all need love. Especially after 2020.

"Sally" is now in our "Indie Rock" playlist, and you'll be able to hear it every day on the Indie Music Radio.

The Magic Epic's point of view :

Sally was a dancer and was heavily into the clubbing scene. Her health suffered, which was a constant worry for him. She had a brief fling with a guy they both knew and became pregnant. She never looked back at her clubbing days and her health restored and she started to glow like never before when her child was born. They were there for each other through their hard times. She inspired him to write the song to honor the battles she went through to become what she is today. She made him godfather to her child. The song is about knowing what love is for the first time and how having her child saved her.

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More about The Magic Epic :

He grew up in the suburbs of south London and moved to the coast after falling in love with Brighton. There he began writing his own music in 2013. He worked as a hod carrier then became a full-time busker after having enough of carrying bricks and cement one snowy morning in Redhill. His busking is where he perfected his singing and guitar playing and overcame performance anxiety. He fronted a covers band for 3 years then one day decided it was time to stop singing other people's songs and develop his own style and material.


Thomas LaVine -  Chemicals

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Thomas LaVine is an IMC Certified Artist

"IMC Certified Artists" guarantee top quality and are the artists you can trust 100% for their work.

Do we still need to introduce Thomas LaVine? If you are a loyal reader, probably not.

If you've never heard of this name, then this is your chance to meet one of our "IMC Certified Artists". With folk roots more present than ever in this new song, Thomas LaVine returns to what makes his personality. Simplicity and authenticity.

Much more cinematic than its previous tracks, "Chemicals" lives up to its name. Because a little before reaching the first minute, a strange chemical reaction occurs in our ears: the absolute pleasure. Thomas LaVine's voice is incredibly comfortable in the highs. The production looks simple and yet. The drums are very discreet on the final part as if the artist wanted us to stay suspended, up there, with him, on a cloud of sweetness.

"Chemicals" is now included in our "IMC Certified Artists" playlist, our "Indie Folk" playlist, and this fantastic song has its spot on the Indie Music Radio.

Thomas LaVine's point of view :

I hate being so dramatic, but I deal with some dread when it comes to how and why we exist. I’ve always felt like if the reason we communicate, have relationships, or fall in love is just in our DNA to do so, then it begins to feel pointless for me. Like a computer completing its given task but it’s us that are the ones and zeros. It can feel quite hollow to be caught in this mindset, and sometimes to get myself out of it I begin to distract myself with anything and everything that I can. I don’t feel that way every day, it’s really fluctuations of my perspectives that keep my mind state on a winding path. I think the song moves like that also. I think it’s also reductive of our existence to constantly try to quantify us or to believe we are in fact just chemicals hanging in the balance. The truth is I may never know the “answer” I’m looking for. But isn’t that the journey?

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More about Thomas:

Born in Florida and raised in the small town of Blacksburg, SC, Thomas blends the organic textures of his roots with ethereal textures and nuances. He is just as at home as a minimalist as he is in soaring choruses and driven guitars. LaVine is a songwriter who loves using captivating metaphors to convey honest emotional ideas. He has been playing music for his whole life, and started to write songs when he was about 16 years old. He took influences from a wide variety of bands and artists from classics like John Denver to modern favorites such as Andrew Belle and Noah Gundersen. He has developed a unique and authentic style that creates a space for emotion and honesty to take shape in a new way.


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