Kylie Rothfield - Everyone Else

May 07, 2021

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The first time we heard this song, it was immediately crushed. Everything captivated us: from Kylie's angelic voice to the catchy melody, from the powerful bassline to the careful production down to the smallest detail.

Released today, "Everyone Else" is the new single from Kylie Rothfield, a jack-of-all-trades artist who has previously had placements on ABC, NBC, or MTV. With a strong fanbase and innate talent, there is no doubt that Kylie will fly very high.

Speaking of her fanbase, the song comes from there! She shared a short clip on Instagram and her fans bombarded her with messages telling her they related to the song. So it was obvious that something had to be done with it. And here is the result: brilliant, amazing, and breathtaking.

Added to our Main Spotify Playlist, our "Feeling Lost" playlist, and played daily on Indie Music Center's Radio.


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