Jim McHugh - Her Love

July 30, 2021

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I must admit that I have a few things in common with Jim McHugh. Yet this is only his first visit to IMC.

But in his album "My Nuclear Radio", released in 2019, there is a song called "Marjorie", in which he invites her to have more self-confidence. My GF being called Marjorie (you will find her in the "Team" section) and lacking in self-confidence, the song spoke to me immediately. So much for the anecdote.

But if we wanted to tell you about Jim today, it's for his new single "Her Love", taken from his latest album "Pretending to Wake Up" released this year.

The artist from Dublin left us with our mouths wide open. Like speechless. Bathed in a rather marked pop-rock universe, Jim imposes his delicacy and gentleness from the intro of "Her Love". What a voice!

A very deep voice, but which seems very comfortable and which is like a good friend whispering words of encouragement in our ears. When you reach the chorus, you realize the incredible extent of the artist's vocal abilities. Here he goes in magnificent acute flights. Then he takes back his deep voice for the second verse. Without doing too much, nor falling into the demonstration, Jim makes us understand that we are dealing with a true music professional, who masters everything from A to Z.

As Jim told us, "this song is a poignant recounting of a loved one who passed away and details the hope that Her Love will return someday." Once you understand the meaning of the song, everything becomes clearer. The song gains in intensity minute after minute, as if the connection with the afterlife is becoming more obvious.

The bridge becomes mysterious with a gradual rise in power until ... the final explosion and incredible fireworks that raised our arms vertically. We only had to close our eyes to imagine ourselves hugging a loved one who has passed away. And time stopped.

It is true that I tend to like gradual ramp-ups to an epic ending. But here ... I admit that I wasn't expecting that!

Surprising, astonishing, this new single from Jim McHugh is a rare pearl that we are delighted to welcome in our kingdom of emotions. Thank you, Sir. We are addicted.

Added to our Main Spotify Playlist, our "Without You" playlist, and played daily on Indie Music Center's Radio.

Written by Niko.



So the dreamer said to you,

Yes the dreamer said to you,

Shine light in to my eyes

And the answer that you gave

Does it echo through your soul

We’re love & light & Empathy

Leave traces on my mind

Leave my body where it lays

Wrap my soul in your embrace

Reflecting loves own cries

We’re love & light & Empathy

Leave traces on my mind

Her love will find you in the end

Our hands touch and I know it’s you

Our eyes meet and we see through

That all I want is you

The curl of your lip at dawn

Curl of your toes so warm

I hear you on the breeze


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