Jesse Brady - Conflicted

February 25, 2022

If you've never heard of Jesse Brady before, trust us, you won't soon forget her. The Nashville-based artist has been wowing us since last year, and her debut single "Transformations." The following single "Happiness Block" also amazed us! And as we often say in French: "never two without three", so she's back on IMC for the third time in a row with her new single "Conflicted".

Yes, only three officially released singles, but the artist has a lot of incredible songs in her busy closet. Just follow her on social media to understand that it's overflowing. Limitless creativity! You hand her a guitar, and within seconds the magic happens.

Jesse is a bit of a ray of light in your day. She is inspired by all the things she can see, or hear. She sometimes gets annoyed with certain behaviors. She sometimes goes into absurd but hilarious delusions by creating funny songs about everything and nothing, using jokes and irony with stunning talent. And that's what literally cracks us up. We love her frivolous and light side, and we always want to hear more. She's a bit of the good friend that we would all like to have, when she shows up with her guitar, we know we're going to have a good time.

She's a bit of the good friend that we would all like to have, when she shows up with her guitar, we know we're going to have a good time.

"Conflicted" was born in a context that suits the artist well: surprising, as she said: "I found the idea for my song, Conflicted, when I was on the phone with my grandmother. We were about my dreams of performing and writing, and I was releasing my first song, "Transformations," at the time. I wanted to do everything I could to market it well, but I wasn't sure of how to do so. I had instincts and logic, and I was overwhelmed by both. My grandma told me, “It seems like you've got a feeling and a knowledge and they're kind of criss-crossing.” I was immediately struck by this
sentence, and after we said goodbye, I darted to the piano and put her words to melody."

I told you: every little thing she sees or hears can become a huge inspiration. And then, a period of intense creativity ensued, and a song quickly took shape: "The song unfolded over the next few weeks. I picked up my bass, and felt like a rockstar, while singing possible lines over it in hopes to tell a relatable story. After I finished composing the song, I had a clear idea of ​​production in mind."

Yes, this is a point that we forgot to address: Jesse works mostly alone. Including production. And trust me, in the music industry, unfortunately, there are still clichés that make life difficult for us. A bit like when a woman is a truck driver. Music is a universe dominated essentially by men. Women who produce their own music are too rare. Finally, I do not think it is less rare than men, but rather that we talk about it less. Why? I still don't have an answer to this question, despite my 20 years in the business. I met Angela Randall, recording studio manager, at the last TPOI Virtual conference. We both had sessions there. And she brought up this delicate subject. I think Angela would be delighted to discover Jesse Brady.

Jesse, therefore, continued to work on the song, which gradually came to life: "Late one night, when I was at work as a receptionist in an empty apartment building's lobby, I produced Conflicted. As an artist, I enjoy viewing situations from as many different perspectives as possible. I like to imagine where other people are coming from, different sides and points of view. I consider this thought process a strength, but sometimes when I see pros and cons so vividly, decision making can be really hard, especially when emotions are involved."

Yes, emotions. Emotions, again and again. This is what governs us and it is not always easy to make them shut their mouths. The song captures these incessant inner conflicts very well. It's a serious subject but approached with lightness on a leaping and joyful melody. That's Jesse's talent: contrasts.

When I see people spending fortunes on coaching programs (yes, I know some), I want to advise them to listen to a song by Jesse Brady. It's much cheaper and much more effective. Like a deluxe therapy at a lower cost. The artist herself admitted that writing was her therapy. And her music will quickly become yours.

Her extraordinary talent and creativity are no coincidence: "When I was little, my Grandpa made up songs on the spot, to make me laugh, and my Grandma wrote me a lullaby. I learned at an early age about the power of music, how fun, freeing, and beautiful it can be. As a shy kid, I was able to express myself more authentically in music, than through most everyday conversations". From generation to generation, the power of music is universal. And Jesse got it! Three singles, three bombs.

Jesse really has enormous qualities, both as a musician and as a human being. You can have real, honest conversations with her, and she always has a listening ear. Be careful about what you say when she's around, though, she might make a song out of it.

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Written with love by Niko. "Conflicted" has been added to our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify.