INDOLORE - Let the Sun Come

April 30, 2021

Admittedly, sometimes you don't have to travel the entire planet to discover amazing talent.

INDOLORE is a French artist that we have known for a few years now since we introduced him to you in 2018. Our Parisian artist is back with a new album today, called "After the Rain", from which is taken this single.

"Let the Sun Come" is an amazing mix of pop, folk, and even reggae on the chorus. A real invitation to travel that seduced us from the first seconds. The luminosity and lightness of the track won us over!

When the chorus ends, the artist sings "Let the sun come ... after the rain", a nod to the title of the album. Guillaume's voice, aka INDOLORE, is of a rare delicacy and is sufficient to allow us to escape.

If you lack vitamin D, refuel with this album, full of colors and small pleasures. A record that will embellish your spring.

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