Friday Releases - October 8, 2021

October 08, 2021

Welcome back to IMC guys! We're glad to see you there! We hope you're ready to enjoy your weekend! Here's a little selection of amazing tracks released today. And, as we were complaining about not having enough girls a few weeks ago, we could say that this post is really... girly, isn't it?! Let's dive into those fantastic releases!


Rosalie - There Used To Be Four

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Rosalie's story is pretty amazing: she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, and totally lost her voice. After a few years of voice therapy, fortunately it was back. What a force of nature! Congratulations, Rosalie. You did well to hang on and fight, it was worth it!

She was living in LA, and decided to move to Nashville. Rosalie's new single, "There Used To Be Four", is out today. And the least we can say is that Rosalie touched us. As Ryan Nealon did, when he released the music video for "Not Coming Home", a tribute song to his mom who left too early. For Rosalie, the missing piece of the puzzle is her daddy:

"I think grief is the trickiest emotion. After losing someone you love, you think that you are finally doing ok. But then, out of nowhere, it bursts out of you like a waterfall. Like a downpour, you didn't see coming.

I lost my dad over five years ago now, and on the day that I wrote There Used To Be Four, I don't think I set out to write about him. I actually don't remember a lot about the write if I’m being honest. I think that's partly because this is a song that wanted to be written. It's like it wrote to me. It's like the grief had something to say."

Punctuated with vocal memories, the song is extremely poignant and moving. Carried by the incredible voice of Rosalie, which sometimes recalls that of Jacqueline Loor. They have that little spark in common, in their voices. Her voice alone is enough to convey countless emotions. But I admit that the audio samples that she included play a prominent role in the emotions and could bring you some tears.

"After spending six months alone, I spent six months quarantining back home with my family. I used that time to comb through about 40 hours of my dad’s home video footage - barely scratching the surface - to pull audio samples that I could incorporate."

Creative, poetic, and undeniably strong, Rosalie got naked in this new single, confiding her deepest and truest feelings. Do not look for a great vocal surge, or demonstration, Rosalie has totally respected the sobriety of the writing theme and her voice follows the natural sweetness of the melody, moving and absolutely magnificent.


Ansley Rushing - Over It

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Let's stay in Nashville, to meet Ansley Rushing. She's originally from Georgia, just like our writer Joe Pope, and sue were used to play shows in Atlanta and Athens for years before relocating to Tennessee.

"Over It" is, hard to believe, his debut single. I said hard to believe because Ansley's vocal fluency and very precise handwriting made me feel like she's been doing this her whole life.

With wonderfully layered violins, a sweet ukulele, and an exceptional vocal presence, the singer offers us a light song, full of delicacy and imagination: "You hold me like you got nowhere to go".

With sublime backing vocals on the chorus, and even a discreet banjo in the background, Ansley Rushing draws a very worked musical universe, in the smallest detail, and despite the fact that the song seems simple, the production is much more complex than what you might think.

A lot of elements and work were necessary to obtain this result, and it can be clearly heard.

I said the song was full of lightness. So light that when you listen to it with good quality headphones, it's like you've climbed on a cloud. Without wanting to go back down.

Thank you Ansley for a nice trip, full of reverie and light, despite the melancholy and sadness of the lyrics.


Alex Kennedy - A Different Song

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Maybe you will think "oh no, another love song". And that's exactly what Alex Kennedy thinks when he turns on the radio. So he wanted to do things a little differently.

It's a love song that talks about ... love songs. A pretty original writing theme, I think that after more than 1300 songs featured on IMC over years, we had never had this situation before.

I loved the way Alex introduced himself: "as if John Mayer got into a bar fight with Maroon 5 and Norah Jones broke it up". It's not false.

But unlike formatted songs, Alex Kennedy writes as he thinks. And he thinks with his heart before his brain. He has no filter and the emotions are raw. Without artifice. This is why the result you hear today in his new single "A Different Song" is so impressive. The writing is absolutely amazing and every word has its place. My favorite line is probably "I love you more than words could ever say".

Professional in every way, the production quality is truly amazing, as well as the catchy melody, and the artist also made a magnificent music video in the woods, which you can watch below.

Complete artist, Alex Kennedy seduced us, and it is not impossible that you will see him again on IMC because this genius has exactly everything we love.


Edward & Graham - The Burden

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It's been 4 years now that we discovered Edward & Graham, a 4-piece band based in Chicago.

Founded by Johnny Edward and Evan Graham in 2016, the band grew to welcome multi-instrumentalist Keith Dunn and drummer Rob Bordignon.

It is always interesting for me to witness the artistic progression of a musician or a band, and I can clearly tell you that Edward & Graham have evolved incredibly well!

Their new single "The Burden" comes out today, and mixes organic instruments like acoustic guitar, with slightly more electronic production elements. And the result is brilliant.

The vocal harmonies, present from the first minute, amazed us with their quality and warmth.

About the track, the band said: "It deals with confronting your own shortcomings in love and celebrates self-awareness that too often gets lost."

With quite melancholic lyrics, the contrast with the playful and colorful melody of the chorus is striking. But the quality is there. At a very high level!

The first track from their upcoming EP ends with a piano solo, delicately enhanced by the crackling of a vinyl record.

A band that will have to be watched closely, because they were already promising four years ago. They are now on the launching pad for a great career.


Holly Havens - Love Like This

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We met Holly Havens in 2019, at a time when IMC was still small and we still wrote in French. I believe that in 2019 we would never have believed that if we just changed the language, we would be read in 142 countries ... and we still find it hard to believe in 2021!

Holly Havens is an inspiring artist, based in West-Michigan. Inspiring, because each of her songs is an introspective journey, deep in her heart. Because Holly reveals her feelings like no one else. And with, it must be admitted, disconcerting ease.

Her vocal abilities are truly impressive, and Holly has that kind of voice that can trigger shivers down your spine in under three seconds.

Her new single is out today, called "Love Like This", and immediately seduced us with its incomparable writing quality. Holly has tried her hand at heavier productions, like with her songs "Caught Up" or "Breakthrough" (absolutely to listen to, by the way), but we can say that she is really at ease in the "piano-voice" exercise.

About the song, the artist explains: "I wrote this song to give the listener a deeper insight into me as a person and the way that I love. Though I am very independent and free-spirited, I take my commitments seriously and love whole-heartedly. "

A real emotional gem, which will appeal to lovers of pretty voices, who do not overdo it, and who know how to dose emotions with millimeter precision.


Written by Niko. All songs added to our "Fresh Indie" playlist on Spotify.


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