Eric Dash - Stay Arm's Reach

May 04, 2021

Last December 17th, we fell in love with Eric Dash. And today, this crush is confirmed with his new single "Stay Arm's Reach", released on April 16th.

Hardly believable, this song was written in 2013 and already recorded in 2014. But Eric wanted to deepen things with this song:

"There are a bunch of records that I've done which have never been released because I wanted to modernize them, but I also didn't want to mess them up. It's so easy to do as a new producer for a myriad of reasons. So I waited and failed and waited some more and failed and waited a little bit more and there it was. This is so bittersweet and there are so many more I have to make, I hope people enjoy a little bit of old injected into 2021."

The least we can say is that he did well. It is true that production techniques are evolving at high speed. Anyway, the single enjoys an excellent production, it was worth it! With a voice that can reach very high notes without much difficulty, Eric shows us once again that he has all the talent necessary to take even more space on the indie music scene.

With a very worked text, a most catchy melody, and an incredible hook on the chorus, no doubt that this single will stay in your head for hours, even days. And you know what? It's a good sign.

Added to our Spotify Playlist and played daily on Indie Music Center's Radio.

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