Eli Gauden - Nameless Things

January 11, 2021

by Luna Keller

Music is all about emotion, not perfection. That little shaking at the end of a note because the singer is close to tears, the sigh, the stuffed nose… it creates something unique - it makes the story behind the song real. And that is exactly what makes the song I’m writing about today so heartbreakingly beautiful.

"Nameless Things" is the latest release by the Norwegian singer-songwriter Eli Gauden, and the first of a series of self-produced songs she will release throughout this year. Gauden is a farmer by day and musician by night and I think that that connection to nature and growing life reflects in the love and care she puts into her songs. "Nameless Things" was recorded in her bedroom and she purposely recorded it after crying to get that emotional sound I described in the first paragraph. Through that vulnerability the song creates a real sense of intimacy, as if the singer was right next to you, as if her story became yours.

The arrangement supports the fragile feeling of the track with an acoustic guitar, floating notes from a piano and beautiful harmonies. It creates an open atmosphere lifting the vocals up and allowing the songs story to unfold with a delicate but determined emotional force. Gauden paints the emotions she’s going through with beautiful lyrics such as "I don’t know why loving is making me cold" and "gazing for hours into your eyes, hoping your love will make me blind". She tells a tale of heartbreak in a close and relatable way, making the listening experience truly cathartic.

"Nameless Things" is everything an indie folk song should be: haunting, honest, organic and beautiful.

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Biography :

From raw Delta blues covers to heart-bound Americana originals; Norwegian singer/songwriting Eli Gauden knows how to silence  a loud room and create an atmosphere you don't want to leave.  By combining the honesty and complexity of her own stories with the simplicity of the roots, she expressed the darkest emotions with an angle-like touch, and pulls the listener in. After 4 years abroad Eli’s back in Norway(Bergen). Her instrumental family has grown from to including banjo and bottleneck in addition to acoustic guitar. She presents the audience with grounded and patient music creating a rooted wondering vibe. In 2016 Eli released her first EP, in 2018 her first Vinyl and is currently working on her first full abum.


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