Starry Skies - Do It With Love (Album)

February 08, 2021

In 2020 Starry Skies released their third album "Do It With Love", 36 minutes filled with great storytelling and harmonies that are all centered around the very thing that defines our core as humans - love. But not only in a romantic way, the songs celebrate friendship and everything we love as human beings.

When I listened to the album for the first time it felt like entering a bubble of happiness and hope, and soon I found out that that is the intention behind the record. In the words of lead singer Warren McIntyre: "The main aim behind the record is to send little seeds of hope and love into the world to combat all the polarization and toxic competitive stuff going on far too often these days." The polarizing "us and them" mentality has indeed grown quite strong around the world recently, and listening to this album that brings us together over something beautiful and universal feels like a fresh breath of air.

The album starts strong with "I Want You To Know" an upbeat love declaration followed by "Do It With Love". The title track presents love as the solution because "there can never be too much love". After these two tracks, the album falls into the more quiet song "Love’s River" which creates a feeling that reminds me of one of my favorite songs "Nights In White Satin" by The Moody Blues.

Starry Skies has this timeless sound that makes their songs sound just as familiar as the classics we love after just one listen. The band plays beautifully and creates an organic and alive feeling that really pulls you into the songs. At the core of that welcoming energy lie the amazing vocals by frontman Warren McIntyre accompanied by beautiful harmonies sung by the rest of the band.

I often compare songs with friends because they can be there for us when we need them. This album feels like a friend that says "I know how you feel, but you’re not alone". The second to last track "Forgotten Dream" really gets this message across with its catchy chorus singing "Don’t you worry anymore". But when you truly start listening to the lyrics every song speaks to you directly. One of my favorite lines is "believe me, I believe in you" from the song "What Will They Say".

There is so much to be said about every song on the album I could almost write a book. "Do it with Love" is the perfect title, because you can hear the love and joy that the band poured into creating this album in every note played and sung. Now you might argue that the album filled with too much love to bear, to which I would reply with "there can never be too much love". So put on your headphones, close your eyes and let this uplifting piece of music make your day a little brighter.

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Biography :

Starry Skies are based in Glasgow but come from various parts of Scotland, England, and Australia. They are made of Warren McIntyre (Vocals/Guitar), Heather Phillips (Violin/Vocals), Jen Lunan – (Vocals/ Cello), Adam Scott (Bass), Johnny Rooney (Guitar), and Sophie Pragnell (Viola/Vocals/Percussion).

Their music has been described as upbeat sunshine pop and they have supported Snow Patrol, Belle and Sebastian, Teenage Fanclub, and The Vaselines along with headlining their own ‘Peace Happenings’.

Over the years Warren has crossed paths with some of the musical icons of the 20th Century. When just a kid he danced onstage with Nina Simone, hung out with Iggy Pop one night when he was rehearsing, wandered into the path of Chuck Berry waiting for the lights to change at a Glasgow crossroads, and most recently bumped into Debbie Harry and Chris Stein in a bookshop.

The new album ‘Do It With Love’ was recorded just before the pandemic hit and produced by Matt Harvey at Maybank Studios. It follows 2018’s ‘Be Kind’ which was partly recorded in Belle and Sebastian’s studio by Stevie Jackson of the band.

by Luna Keller


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