Emaline Delapaix - With Every Beat (Album)

February 01, 2021

In 2020 Emaline Delapaix released "With Every Beat", the first full length album in her discography as a solo artist. The album was recorded partially in the Faroeh Islands, a studio in Berlin and a cottage in the UK by Delapaix and her boyfriend Lukas Creswell-Rost. Emaline writes the songs and they produce them together, combining their respective musical talents. And the result are 31 minutes of hauntingly beautiful music.

"My Super Power Has a Dark Side, I get so lost when it washes over me" those are the very first words we hear Emaline sing on "Turmoil of Winter", the opening track of the album. And from that very first line she pulls the listener into her world - a world filled with monsters, magic and beautiful darkness that builds up through the 9 tracks of the album.

Her lyrics have a poetic beauty but still feel incredibly direct. I think that is one of the things that make the album so special: the unapologetic way Emaline sings about real world issues such as animal rights, feminism, mental health and loss. There’s something truly intriguing in the powerful vocals of the Australian singer, they feel deeply honest and vulnerable and irradiate strength and confidence at the same time. She even surprises the listener with some Swedish kulning and throat singing at the end of "On The Wind" - a truly haunting song that hits you in the middle of the project.

The album ends with two stunning songs. First the title track „With Every Beat“ that Emaline describes as "a kind of mantra to help dissipate negative mental thoughts and body anxiety". After what is a beautiful but pretty dark album the song feels like a real ray of light. The closing song "Bend of The Trees" is a beautiful unplugged track that brings home one of the main themes of the album, our connection to nature "Leave the city, shake off the concrete dust to remember yourself".

Freedom is one of the words that come to mind when describing "With Every Beat", it’s the album of a free artist that writes, sings and creates without fear. With its powerful lyrics and haunting feeling it’s a one of a kind indie folk album that allows you to discover something new with every listen. I could write about the genius of every song on it for hours, but I think I should let the music speak for itself now. Listen to "With Every Beat" here:

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More about Emaline :

Emaline Delapaix is an Australian singer, composer and musician who lives in Berlin Germany with her big orange Canadian cat Reece. She spends a lot of time writing intense folk-pop songs for piano, acoustic guitar, celtic harp and sometimes whatever else she has lying about the place. Her lyrics explore themes such as the human condition, depression, animal rights, feminism , sexuality as well as love, nature and adventure out on the open road . Some say she sounds a little like Kate Bush or Tori Amos, but she also loves a lot of Scandinavian music, music that invokes the weather like storms and warm sunsets.

After a difficult year of illness and depression, in 2010 Emaline decided to quit her day job in Toronto Canada, moving to an isolated fixed caravan in rural Eastern Germany close to the Polish border where she taught herself to play 3 instruments and lived for a year and half before settling in Berlin as a professional musician. Since that time she has performed over 500 shows all over Germany, Europe, Australia and Canada, creating a dedicated following and becoming well known for her raw and passionate live performances . In Spring 2015 , she made her film debut as a silent narrator and composer for the Arte German/French Television documentary 'Helden der Zukunft' (Heroes of Tomorrow ), an environmental film set in the future looking back on the current crises we are facing today. Aside from music, Emaline is also a vegan and animal activist who regularly gives a % of her CD sales to local animal shelters while on tour.

by Luna Keller


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