Dom Malin - South America

August 17, 2022

Those who come regularly to IMC are used to seeing Dom Malin in our columns. The Birmingham-based artist is actually a member of the IMC Family. More clearly: the most qualitative artists you will find here. He does us the honor today of presenting his brand new single, which will not be released until tomorrow on streaming platforms. It's been premiered on BBC Music Introducing (Lincolnshire) last Saturday, and it's not available yet on the internet. So, for a few hours, you can only listen to it on IMC. This is a small gift we wanted to give you and Dom kindly allowed us to do so.

So what's up in Dom Malin's world? Good news! the artist is still growing his audience, slowly but surely, with a new haircut. Well, not sure the new haircut is responsible for the growth of his fanbase, but who knows? Already nearly 500K cumulative streams on Spotify. And that's just the beginning. If you're on Twitch, you might have seen him stream from home when Luna Keller was on tour in the UK earlier this year. And both artists revealed they were working on songs together. We can't wait to hear the studio version, although they were able to give us a nice taste when they played live together on stream.

6th single to be featured on IMC, "South America" ​​contrasts with the rest of the repertoire of our favorite Englishman. No drums, no piano, no vocal harmonies: the artist in his simplest form. Without artifice and almost naked, singing on an electric guitar, Dom shells the words like medicine.

The writing theme is really original since it tells an "almost" love story between two reasonable human beings, one in England, and the other in South America.

"From England to South America", that's exactly what Dom Malin sings, then repeating the same words in Spanish. Yes, in Spanish, and this is not the only allusion to South American culture, since the character addresses this lady by calling her "Senorita". With this question, straddling regrets and nostalgia, which is repeated in the song: "What if we had met at a different time?"

With this new musical style, this openness to another continent, and even the use of the word "souvenir" in the last line, which English has imprinted on the French language, we can say that Dom Malin is ready to open all the gates of the planet. Always with as much delicacy, talent, and humanity. Human beings like Dom are precious, we must take care of them.

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Written with love by Niko. You can find more songs like "South America" on our "Indie Music" playlist on Spotify. Check it out below and give it a follow to discover more indie music!