Dom Malin

Country UK

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British-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Dom Malin’s reserved nature is not to be misinterpreted. His songs are the vessel in which he explores a catalyst of emotions.

 In an oversaturated scene, it is his substantial storytelling that sets him apart from your typical folksy, gentle sing-along-campfire tunes. You feel what he feels as he takes you along for an emotional ride, leaving you resonating with the lyrics as if it was your own experience.

​Conjuring a vocal as diverse as Father John Misty, the melodic guitar of John Mayer, the live energy of Jack Garrett, and the lyrical prowess of Ben Howard. Malin provides a musical performance that is captivating.

Source: Dom's website


Songs we featured : 

April 15, 2021 - Drama

May 05, 2021 - Something Never Said, Pt.