Chris Ho - Borrowed Books

July 02, 2021

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Chris Ho is one of the many Canadian artists that could shine this year. His newest single, "Borrowed Books", proves it.

Starting with a simple acoustic guitar, the song quickly builds up into a strong and catchy chorus, that will have you singing along in no time. As the song progresses, Chris showcases his voice and vocal range with beautiful harmonies and intensity changes. His vocals are incredible and he has created an amazing track that is certain to be stuck in your head for days on end.

It's not often we come across a new artist with such an amazing musical universe but we are so glad we found him now because Chris Ho is one to watch.

Phoenix Lazare's discreet vocal harmonies are an important piece of the song, that evokes the idea of lending an important piece of oneself to someone you love. The instrumentation is simple but has an effective melody that you will fall in love with. The production is also very simple but effective. It features just a guitar and vocals at the beginning. But as the song progresses different instruments are added (like soft drums, a beautiful bassline, and electric guitar) to create a more complex soundscape which makes it more interesting to listen to. The song is straightforward and doesn’t need any artifice to make it work. That is why you will fall in love with it!

I think that people need songs like this one in the age of too much artifice. The production is minimalistic but effective, the lyrics are easy to understand, and the overall tone of the song is inviting. We promise you will feel good about everything after listening to this song! If you were looking for a beautiful love song, you found it.

I already have my Annabelle, but I'm sure this song will definitely make you want to have yours too if you're single ;)

Added to our Main Spotify Playlist, our "Let Love In" playlist, and played daily on Indie Music Center's Radio.

Written by Niko.



Sweet Annabelle, the night is turning blue I’m under your spell

My mind is racing forth with all these thoughts

And I fear that I won’t find you on this earth

Sweet Annabelle, I drank your wine, you gave me all your heart

And now it seems our love will slowly pass

As it delves into the deep and distant past

And I will slowly walk without your hand to hold the wheel lock,

These days go by like pages in a book you’re lending

Can only hope that I will see you

In the ending

And if I try to stop

Holding on to this

Would it lead me back to you?

You, my world, that was lost

Sweet Annabelle, searching for her one and all

She thinks I’m something special that she can’t find

In another man or another life

But I am just a movement

Just another face you’re passing on the street.

And it’s true my love for you will always stay

But it’s hard to say if there will come a day when

We will be as one

And we will trust the sun

To clear our minds

And light the path

For you and I to walk upon


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