Ben Greenberg - End of the Line

November 21, 2020

As Ben said, "Maybe I could try to bring a little bit more beauty and light and truth into the world". Well, he made it. Again. In each song, Ben Greenberg brings to the independent music world his light and a bit of hope. Sometimes feeling imprisoned by his demons, the Californian artist writes a lot. And writing helps! New horizons, new encounters, his life takes shape through his songs and our favorite Californian finds like a second birth in music. A bit like a turning point in his very young career, 'End of the Line' brings new sounds to his upcoming album. An electric guitar, delicately placed, dresses the song wonderfully. A little confusing at first, when you know the first songs of the poet of the Northern Pines, which are usually much more acoustic. But ultimately, the electric guitar brings Ben a new string to his bow, a new tool to express his feelings. And God knows we never have enough tools to express ourselves. Once again, the writing is more than worked on. Great poetry, set to music with talent and humility. In just less than a year, and 5 visits to IMC, our shy artist has grown up. And it's always a pleasure to see our artists evolving, and discovering new pleasures. Ben Greenberg's musical world is vast, and we can't wait to discover the album, fruit of his overflowing imagination. Included in our "Indie Folk" playlist, and of course, you will now hear this amazing track on the Indie Music Radio.

Ben Greenberg's point of view :

"The end of the line is coming, the river of time just won't stop running. You try to save what you found on the way, but it melts through your mouth like honey... Where is the light, and how do I find it? Am I seeing clearly or have I been blinded? What's the use of even trying, if it all comes to nothing at the end of the line?"

These were the words I found myself singing on a long solitary drive, nearly two years ago in the Fall of 2018. They came from my heart, and my heart was in a dark, nihilistic place. I was depressed, lonely, low on self-esteem and full of doubts about the worth and meaning of my life. To make things worse, I was hardly talking to anyone about these low feelings. I was two years into living in Los Angeles with little to show for it. I felt that I was just running in place as I stared down the impending end of my 20s. My social circle was stagnant, my love life non-existent, my employment haphazard. I felt like I was running out of time to get my act together, and I had forgotten why it should matter in the first place.

Looking back on that time now, I can see that I was struggling with the transition into adulthood, struggling with my responsibility to better myself as a person and to create my own meaning in life. I was searching for my values, trying to discover what I really believed in. I was craving authentic connection, but scared to be vulnerable with people. Little did I know that the sad words I was singing to myself in the car that day would become the opening track of my first full-length record, a project that would start me on a path of self-discovery and growth, leading me towards the light and meaning and connection I was seeking.

The time since singing those words has been transformative. I rediscovered my creativity. I stopped living alone. I realized that I could be valuable and helpful to people I respected. I dated someone for the first time in 3 years. I started being more honest, and I worked to improve my relationships. I made new friends, and lost a few as well. I got therapy. I found an audience for my music. I started to believe in myself, and I started feeling happy again. I decided that life was good, and it might even get better. I started to see more clearly. I started trying, and decided that maybe it doesn't come to nothing after all, not even at the end of the line. Maybe in the course of my life, I could make things just a little better for me and for the people around me, and maybe that would be a good thing - maybe it could even ripple forward in time, beyond me. Maybe I could try to bring a little bit more beauty and light and truth into the world. Maybe that would be enough.

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Biography :

Ben Greenberg has been writing and performing music since he took up the guitar at age 13. He has since developed into a seasoned songwriter and musician, and his lyrical content has matured from impressions of teenage angst and fantasy into sincere observations of relationships and personal growth, with an eye towards the consideration of one's place in a complicated world. Originally from Santa Rosa, CA, Ben recently moved to Los Angeles, where he works as a freelance musician and singer. He is thrilled to be sharing his music with new audiences, and he hopes to inspire others as so many musicians and artists have inspired him.

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