Ben Greenberg - Sparrow

March 05, 2021

Do you know the 7 wonders of the world? Here is the 7th wonder of Ben Greenberg that we offer you at Indie Music Center. We promised you that this Friday would be guaranteed 100% pure quality, thanks to a second IMC Certified Artist.

Ben Greenberg is back with a new single ... announcing a new album for Friday 3/19! March is going to be busy for our artist, who only sent us the track last night.

But we understand it. Normally, the promotion period is intense. We forgive him.

Because it is always with great pleasure that we immerse our ears in a new sound from Ben Greenberg. We know in advance that we will not be disappointed.

"Sparrow" amazes with its fluidity. The key changes surprised me a little at first, but ultimately they give the song such consistency. A track that could destabilize fans of the traditional "Intro, Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Chorus, Chorus" scheme.

But the beauty and the poetry are still there. Ben uses words brilliantly to make us dream and give us the hope we need. 

Oh yes. I forgot. I dared to reproach him... But rest assured, he didn't hold it against me. With only 2:18 this new gem is too short.

Spring is coming. The sparrows are singing. The sun warms us. And Ben Greenberg's album is already shaping up to be the most beautiful bird of Spring 2021.

Get ready for the unmissable release this year, coming March 19.

Included in our "IMC Certified Artists" Spotify playlist.

Ben's point of view

With "Sparrow", I wrote about the lonely songbird in my heart - the vulnerable, soft-feathered self who wants to sing and celebrate beauty and find companionship. The lyrics contain elements of a summer love song, but they also deal with my experience of masculinity - especially in the context of courtship and dating. Traditional Western masculinity has tended to value men for being breadwinners and providers - for being strong, hardworking guys who get up early in the morning to go earn a living and support their wives and children. It’s a tough and competitive world out there, so you’d best keep a stiff upper lip, and don’t show “weakness” or “softness”.

I’ve struggled with this conception of masculinity a lot. I’m a sensitive person, I like singing and taking pictures of flowers, and I’ve always had deep emotions. I appreciate vulnerability and I have a desire to be seen and valued for my softer side. But I fear being perceived as weak or insufficient - by friends, by women, and by fellow men.

Being a human is complicated and challenging regardless of your gender. It seems to me that life calls on all of us to be both strong and vulnerable, hardworking and playful, competitive and cooperative. We all have emotional depth. We all wish to be seen. We all deserve to be respected and valued as complex multifaceted beings. Growing into your best self looks different for each person, even if the underlying human values we aspire to are more universal.

I've been learning to be more open, honest, and vulnerable, and it’s been wonderful to be able to share my “softer” and more sensitive side and to feel that I’m appreciated for it. I think we all deserve a chance to sing our songs and share our love with others, even in the midst of the many daily challenges that life brings us.

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More about Ben

Ben Greenberg has been writing and performing music since he took up the guitar at age 13. He has since developed into a seasoned songwriter and musician, and his lyrical content has matured from impressions of teenage angst and fantasy into sincere observations of relationships and personal growth, with an eye towards the consideration of one's place in a complicated world. Originally from Santa Rosa, CA, Ben recently moved to Los Angeles, where he works as a freelance musician and singer. He is thrilled to be sharing his music with new audiences, and he hopes to inspire others as so many musicians and artists have inspired him.


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