Ben Greenberg - Northern Pines

June 26, 2020

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It is in a soft indie folk universe, that we dive, to discover Ben Greenberg, based in Los Angeles.

"Northern Pines" is out today.

A new single which is a song about homesickness and nostalgia, when Ben needed to regain his roots, surrounded by nature and the pines of northern California.

As he says, "It’s about discovering that the world is a tougher place than you thought it would be, wondering if you’ve lost your way, and yearning for a place or time where you felt comfort and belonging.

For me that place is my hometown in Northern California, where the hills are lined with pine trees and redwoods and the tranquility of nature is always close by".

We all have our safe place, where we can find comfort, inspiration and inner peace.

Ours is this music platform, for example!

With a perfectly mastered voice and writing skills, Ben Greenberg benefits from a high level of production quality.

A state of mind and a sensitivity which are expressed, without any secret, in his music, and in particular in this single.

We especially appreciate the catchy melody of the chorus, which stays in our head for hours.

A new gem to find in our Indie Folk Gems Spotify playlist.


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