A Sip of Music - October 12, 2021

October 12, 2021

The National Parks - A Mix for the End of the World, Pt.1

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We've been following The National Parks closely for some time now, because we love their work.

And we couldn't wait to hear their new album "A Mix for the End of the World, Pt.1" released last Friday.

With a lot of poetry and absolutely breathtaking writing, Brady, Sydney, Cam and Megan once again show us the full extent of their talent through this little book which has only a few chapters.

But probably their best tracks to date, like the singles "UFO", "Headlights", or "Summer Bird". This short album is enriched with nuggets thanks to the unreleased tracks, "Dizzy", "live til we die", "Airplane" and "Continuum".

The Utah quartet is undoubtedly one of the best groups of its generation. They can appeal to your parents, your friends, and why not your boss.

Do not hesitate to play this album very loudly to share it with everyone around you.

The melodies are fabulous, take us on unsuspected journeys and draw wonderful landscapes in our head. A good breath of fresh air.


Alabama Weather - Love To Hate Me

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Now let's go to Tuscaloosa, to find Alabama Weather, who seduced us in February with the excellent track "Depend On You", which is still in our heads.

The duo released on October 1st a new bright single, with very modern and daring production, "Love to Hate Me". If you know someone who hates everything, and for no reason (I know some!), Make them listen to this song.

The melody is super catchy and we apologize in advance if this song is gonna be stuck in your mind for hours... even days! With superb vocal harmonies and flawless writing, we can say that Miika and Mary are still improving, as with each release.

We had told you about this romantic duo as being promising, and we still think so. Of a very friendly nature, they are very accessible and it is always a pleasure to talk about music with them.

The band themselves admit they aren't sure what to expect in the future, about their music, as they're like the weather in Alabama (hence their stage name). They let themselves be carried away by their desires, their mood and they are right not to set barriers.

Because it seems that everything they touch becomes turns gold. Musically, in any case, we are won over every time!


Bailey Tomkinson - When The Lights Went Out

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Our Tuesday musical journey ends in Cornwall, at the western tip of the UK. This is where you will have the best chance to meet Bailey Tomkinson, for whom we fell in love instantly.

“When The Lights Went Out” packs everything you could love into one pop gem and has all the potential to get huge.

Perfectly calibrated for radios, this new single could open all doors for her. The Daily Mail kindly referred to her as the "Britains Answer to Taylor Swift".

Her next EP is set for release in early 2022, and if all the tracks are like this, we can't wait!

The chorus is incredibly addictive and will make you shake your head even if the writing theme is unmistakably dark: "But you were never mine and I never got over that, now my lights go out when I think of you". Yes, it is amazingly well written and well thought out.

The vocals are absolutely divine on this track, and have given us goosebumps many times.

We also fell in love with "Movie Scene" and "Silent Suffering", which you will find on her Spotify, which contains more than one treasure to be discovered.

Bailey has enormous talent and above all great potential. We think you would do well to remember her name because you might hear about her again ... in much bigger media than IMC.


Written by Niko. All songs added to our "Fresh Indie" playlist on Spotify.


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