You Should Really Know These Songs (March)

March 13, 2021

Hello, I’m Luna Keller and you’re reading "You Should Really Know These Songs", a monthly blog post where I highlight some of the great indie music from my all indie show/podcast. So much great music, so little time! I wish I could enjoy music 24/7 to discover even more wonderful songs like these, songs that you don’t want to stop listening to once you know them.


Sam Way - Livin

At the beginning of the pandemic I didn’t really want to hear songs about it. It was everywhere and I wanted to keep it out of my playlists at least. But songs like "Livin" by Sam Way have changed my mind. It’s hard to put the fear, division and uncertainty of the whole situation into words, and hearing an artist process all of that in a song is really cathartic. The song lyrics keep a perfect balance between poetry and direct honesty. "I question if the cure is worse than the disease, if the kicks are empty and the press ain't free, if the smiles are hidden and your touch forbidden it don’t feel like livin to me". "Livin" is not just a song, it’s an invitation for conversation, a call for unity and a reminder of the things that make life worth living.

Listen to Livin here:


Erika Wester - Nightingale

The moment I heard the chorus of this song I fell in love with it. "Why do we pick flowers instead of letting them grow", a beautiful metaphor that puts into words how we often look at the negative and push ourselves down instead of growing and learning from our mistakes. "Nightingale" has a melancholic feeling. Its arrangement creates a certain lightness and leaves the space for the beautiful vocal performance by Erika to blow you away. It has this beautiful fragility and honesty that invites you to look at yourself without judgement. Some songs don’t need much to tell a story and move you, and this is definitely one of them.

It’s a really really beautiful song and you can listen to it here:


Izhav - Catch The Sun

This is another song that left me in absolute awe by the first listen. Izabelle Norén has a wonderful voice that hits you with a powerful and yet gentle emotional force. The song pulls you in from the first line and takes you on a beautiful journey through great melodies and a haunting arrangement. The lyrics have a beautiful poetry to them "You said let’s go find the moon, she will kiss those wounds". The imagery expresses a deep sense of connection to nature, and tells a tale of healing and finding your way out of the darkness. "Catch The Sun" is the first single of Izhavs upcoming EP "Saman" to be released on the 26th of this month. The second single "Berätta" is absolutely breath taking and I think I’m not taking a big risk in saying that the EP is truly a release to look forward to.

Listen to Catch the Sun here: