IZHAV - Rosemary

May 19, 2023

Izabelle Norén, wonderful Swedish artist better known as IZHAV, is back on IMC with a spellbinding new single with an authentic sound.

"Rosemary" is a song that has accompanied her for almost 10 years, and the track is available today to the delight of her fans.

Recounting a moment of hesitation between two important stages of her life, "Rosemary" is a little gem that seduces from the first seconds with its perfect vocal harmonies. About the genesis of this little masterpiece, IZHAV says:

"A few years back, I spent years as a hitch-hiking street musician all over the world for 5 years. Right before moving back to Sweden I was in this two-sided void, hanging in the air in between two completely different worlds. This song represents that time. A time of trust, while floating in the air."

Indeed, very airy, straddling indie-folk and singer-songwriter, this new single is a wonderful new chapter in IZHAV's discography, which you absolutely must discover if you are a fan of authenticity and beautiful music.

With musical influences gleaned from all over the world, IZHAV once again delights us with her talent for immersive writing.

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