Willow Stephens - A Good Cry (EP)

April 08, 2021

Do you know the domino effect? Luna Keller (IMC Certified Artist and member of our team) is a wonderful singer-songwriter. And she introduced us to Jacqueline Loor, a great artist who also lives in Tenerife. Then, Jacqueline Loor shared her friend Marina Bennett's latest song on Instagram. We fell in love with it, so we told you about it. And in turn, Marina shared on Instagram a musical sample of her friend Willow Stephens. And bam! We took an emotional slap. Again.

The chain of shivers continues with Willow Stephens, who released on March 31st an EP called "A Good Cry". We must admit that we are more the type to like singles and that unfortunately, we receive so much music that it is almost impossible for us to listen to EPs or albums. But when we heard the voice of Willow Stephens, it caught our curiosity.

"Good Man" immediately got us in the mood: an emotionally very powerful piano-vocal ballad where almost all the emotions flow through the incredible voice of the Los Angeles-based singer.

And the good news: the whole EP is like this: enormously loaded with emotions. Divinely well-written lyrics. An angelic voice. Breathtaking melodies. What more?

The last track, "Til the Blue Comes Out" benefits from a slightly more electronic production but the melody is so catchy that we are surprised to sing along very quickly.

This EP is an excellent surprise, by its diversity, which will be able to convince many people, as the musical universes are so different. But the big thing in common with all these tracks is the incredible emotion that shines through Willows' voice.

And the title "A Good Cry" is so well chosen ... You are not immune to shedding a tear.

Moreover, Marina Bennett gave us the pleasure of telling us a few words about her friend:

"Willow captures the softer quiet moments of your heart that you can't quite find the words for and uses incredible lyricism and her stunning vocals to amplify emotion. Her dynamic voice immediately stops you in your tracks with its warmth and ability to easily emote. She speaks straight to your soul. Willow shows us what it looks like to show up in life and openly share our vulnerability and celebrate the strength it carries. She is an effortless, powerful writer and vocalist and I can't wait to hear more of her music as she continues to translate the world around her through song as her career blooms."

Here is a very good summary. Thanks again, Marina, for the discovery. We are so happy to have so many wonderful artists to showcase in 142 countries. And if Willow wants us to discover an artist friend, we hope she won't hesitate. This would allow this magnificent chain of talents to continue.

"Til the Blue Comes Out" has been added to our "Indie Pop" Spotify playlist.

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