Marina Bennett - Alright

March 31, 2021

Have you ever fallen in love with a voice? This is what happened to me recently. You already know Jacqueline Loor, who released a new single last Friday called "Carry Through". I follow Jackie closely on social media because she's a great human being who also has great musical tastes.

And one beautiful morning, Jackie shared on Instagram Story that one of her friends, Marina Bennett, had just released a new single. My curiosity was stronger than anything, and I had to go find out about it on Spotify. And ... I took a slap again.

Marina's voice is so pure and angelic. I think I've never heard such sweetness before. As if we were on a cloud, and we no longer wanted to go back down. We drink her words as we would drink good wine by the fireside. I felt wrapped up like a big, warm duvet, closed my eyes, and spent four minutes completely disconnected from the real world. When the song ended I felt empty. As if there was a lack. And I must have listened to it like ten times in a row.

The lyrics are heartwarming, "It's gonna be alright" and we all need that kind of song, especially right now. I can't find any fault with this song, except for the fact that the four minutes go by very quickly.

It has been a long time since I last found a piece of jewelry for our "Indie Folk" category that was sung by a girl and I can't remember when the last one was because it's so rare. But Marina Bennett's "Alright" is already one of my favorites, and might just be one of my biggest favorites this year. And it could become yours. I will have warned you.

Included in our "Epic Beauties" Spotify playlist.

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