Venus Demilo - All I Want

July 11, 2019

This is a crush from our whole team of writers : the new single of Venus Demilo! A band we use to know for years now, since we aired their tracks on Pop'N'rocK Radio in the past. A new track which is a beautiful love declaration, and with a very original video where young people of all sexual orientations and of all origins are interviewed about the love they feel for their half. And there is even a surprise at the end of the video, but we're not going to tell you everything about it, and let you discover this "Feel Good" concept. Do you love your lover? You will love him/her even more after listening to this song and watching this video. A perfect combo between sound and image, and a very successful performance for this band we love. And you will never believe it : they're from Liverpool. We found the new Beatles.