TRENTAN - Good Things

April 30, 2021

Trentan has a huge advantage: he has already crossed the planet several times. Originally from Australia, he lived for some time in Nashville, before returning recently to his native lands.

And by the way, he knew how to surround himself with the best possible people. Here is his debut single "Good Things". A rather well-chosen title! Because that's all we can wish for him. The track has been mixed by Nicolas Essig in L.A. and co-mastered by Grammy-winning / nominated engineers Emily Lazar and Chris Allgood (again, the name can only be a good sign).

"Good Things" is exactly the kind of track you can listen to in any situation where you need the freedom to escape this stressful world. We all agree that the "Good things don't come easy", especially in recent months. The song was written by Trentan on his return to Australia: "I literally came home with 3 suitcases, 2 guitars, and a pedalboard. I had no job, home, or car next to my name".

With exceptionally good quality production, Trentan offers himself a debut single at the height of the biggest names of pop. With disconcerting vocal ease and a very catchy hook, the singer gives us an impression of lightness. And the desire to try everything!

And you can be sure that if Trentan has nothing but this kind of quality to offer us, you'll see him again on IMC sooner than you think.

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