Toby & Pip - If You Need To Go

September 01, 2020

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Our thoughts about the song :

If you are an avid Indie Music Center reader, you already know that we love husband/wife duos, like Arbour Season, or more recently, Mountain Natives. Toby & Pip is a brand new duo, coming from London, and "If You Need To Go" is their debut single. It's even hard to believe that it's a debut single, as it sounds so professional. It looks like those guys are making music for decades. With warm vocal harmonies, reminding of WILD, their writing is heartfelt. You'll be seduced by the very catchy chorus (you will sing along starting the second chorus, for sure). And the quality of production is wonderful. What else? An incredible music video, shot in a lot of different places, quite funny to watch, which must have needed hours of work. But when you're passionate, as Toby & Pip, it doesn't matter how much time you spend on your music.

Toby & Pip's point of view :

‘If you need to go’ is a song about the excitement of young love, commitment, and long distance relationships. The lyrics touch on electric moments experienced with someone you love, and the feelings of longing when separated. It’s an upbeat and energetic pop anthem with a catchy chorus and poignant lyrics.

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Toby & Pip are a London duo. They are a married couple who have been making music together since they met ten years ago. Pip has a music degree and is a multi-instrumentalist and singer and took up the Ukulele when they went traveling after getting married. Toby has been writing songs and playing guitar since 2002 and as a solo singer-songwriter has released 3 EPs and played some of London’s best live music venues and shared the stage with great bands and artists likes The Dunwells, Tom Chaplin, and Philippa Hanna in the UK as well as The Brevet and several other up and coming bands in the US. Over the years they have combined their musical talents and shared experiences to craft a unique and authentic sound filled with catchy melodies and beautiful harmonies. Their songs are inspired by a mix of musical influences including Pip’s classical music background and Toby’s singer-songwriter experience as well as their shared love of cheesey pop and classic rock. Their thoughtful and passionate songs have moved and inspired many audiences both online and live in concert and stuck in the head of many listeners!

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